Xidas joins forces with The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions to be a part of the Solar Impulse #1000 Solutions Portfolio.

FREMONT, CA: Xidas collaborates with The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions to be a part of the Solar Impulse #1000 Solutions Portfolio. The Solar Impulse Foundation, its experts, and collaborators have established, evaluated, and labeled 1,000 technical solutions to protect the environment while still being financially profitable. Xidas' revolutionary energy harvesting technologies have been considered essential in achieving this goal.

'These solutions are clean, efficient, cost-effective... and available today," Stated Bertrand Piccard of the SolarImpulse Foundation. "They reduce the environmental impact of construction and mobility, industry and agriculture, water and energy consumption while ensuring economic development and social prosperity for all. Not in a century, nor a decade, but today."

Due to their technology, Xidass contributes to a greener world by reducing the use of rare earth and decreasing soil contamination. Their vibration-based energy harvesting generators address the IoT industry's most pressing problem with wireless sensors, like battery replacement. Battery waste is abundant due to frequent replacements, with battery life usually averaging just 1-2 years. The wireless sensor battery will last up to ten years due to Xidas' technology.

"This Solution can be a viable replacement leading to relieving a big pain of legacy battery disposal due to toxic metals, lead, lithium etc. posing a threat to the environment," Says one expert of the Solar Impulse Foundation. "This Solution of self-charging batteries can reduce the battery-landfill by increasing the lifetime of the battery and reduce the times of replacement by batteries up to 10 years of lifespan, and hence reduce battery waste."  

Xidas IoT uses its multi-disciplinary experience and breakthrough proprietary technologies to develop and manufacture edge solutions that integrate intelligence, zero-power (energy harvesting), sensor fusion, and integration. Xidas is a valued partner of the US National Science Foundation for IoT innovation, with decades of 3D manufacturing and microengineering advancements and extensive industry expertise. The business was one of five that testified before the US Congress about the importance of IoT technologies.