As soaring sales of electric vehicles are impacting the demand for large-scale battery manufacturing, ystral has introduced the Batt-TDS series of powder dispersing systems. 

FREMONT, CA: The demand for large-scale battery manufacturing is being impacted by soaring sales of electric vehicles and an unprecedented increase in demand for lithium-ion batteries. ystral has introduced the Batt-TDS series of powder dispersing systems to develop and manufacture electrode slurries for lithium-ion batteries. In comparison to conventional technology, the platform provides significant advantages.

ystral can offer battery manufacturers a solution that is distinguished by its high-speed process due to significant process advancements. By merging numerous operations of several machines into a single core system, the Batt-TDS can handle a wide range of materials. At the R&D scale, the Batt-TDS can finish the entire process in a few minutes, compared to planetary mixers, which need hours of mixing to achieve dispersion, allowing for quicker R&D cycles and more robust development. As components flow through its inline process chamber, dispersion takes only milliseconds. On a large scale, this corresponds to more than ten times the productivity of existing technologies and twice the productivity of present extruders. The Batt-TDS solution is easily scalable across many battery chemistries, suited for current industrial production and future gigafactories.

Next-generation process technology

ystrals Batt-TDS inducts dust-free powders into a stream of liquid under vacuum, leading to enhanced dispersion of various components in a constant process. The new technique provides a large process window in a single piece of equipment due to independent control of each vital parameter. It is impossible to accomplish this with existing systems, like a high-speed dissolver, planetary mixer, or even the more recent extruder. Polymeric binders, conductive carbons, and abrasive active elements are dispersed differently based on their physical properties and topologies. The innovative technology can handle high-solids slurries with viscosities that surpass industry standards, and the wash-in-place (WIP) feature extends machine availability.

Scalable and cost-efficient

A 12-liter unit for rapid formulation and process screening, and production systems with throughputs of more than 5000 liters per hour, are included in the product line. David Manke, CTO and Managing Director at ystral, said, “The Batt-TDS is the veritable swiss-army knife of process tools for battery slurry. We can now present manufacturers worldwide with a technology to achieve high product quality in a fraction of the time required by conventional processes.” Richard Potter, Director of ystral Asia, added, “The platform offers a low cost of ownership with the highest productivity per square meter of factory space.”