Takayuki Morita, President & CEO, Nippon Electric CompanyTakayuki Morita, President & CEO
Kunihiko Iwadare, an expert in telegraphic systems, was a man of unwavering determination. His reputation for innovation, invention and the drive to bring value to the society still ranks high in the history of creative entrepreneurship. Iwadare’s vision of the world with no limitations to technology was far-fetched hundred years back. Nevertheless, he established Nippon Electric Company (NEC) as the first foreign-affiliated company after the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation was revised. Today, NEC continues to uphold his legacy of innovation in diverse spheres of business.

xpertise + Software + Hardware= Safety and Reliability

This equation perfectly surmises the value that NEC Global brings to the table. Following over a century old legacy, NEC has demonstrated world-class standards in bringing the latest technologies and capabilities to its customers. The company stands on pillars of safety, fairness, security, and efficiency to continuously serve its customers, in an attempt to connect digital technologies and human hopes. In doing so, the main ingredients of NEC’s system integration involve an interesting and powerful mix of expertise, software technology, hardware and industry leading safety & reliability. NEC specialises in biometric authentication solutions, software services for service providers, and large-scale energy storage systems for international markets. The company is heavily invested in leveraging advanced technologies, such as AI and IoT, with a vision to contribute to safe, secure, efficient and fair communities. For customers in Japan, NEC also renowned for delivering IT systems and network systems to local governments, medical institutions, electric power companies and others. “The year 2020 marked a major turning point for our society. Through these changes, we have experienced the great power and value of digital technologies. These digitally spurred social changes are most likely to continue from now on. I would like to see NEC stand at the centre and be the driver of these dynamic changes,” Takayuki Morita, President and CEO, NEC.

With roots tracing back to 1899, NEC has evolved by leaps and bounds to become one of the few companies in Japan that stay abreast of the latest advancements in the energy space. The company’s optimal and reliable energy solutions empower customers with smart technologies, advanced battery systems, and cutting-edge market and design expertise that collectively deliver value. The fully integrated energy storage solutions from NEC can be seamlessly incorporated to meet diverse energy system needs and achieve high ROI and savings.

At the core, NEC provides expert consultation during system design, installs the smartest controls suite in the business and unmatched battery systems, all while keeping safety and reliability as the foremost priority. As energy storage experts, the NEC team offers consultation and superior system designs that are configured to the clients’ specific needs. The company draws on years of rich experience and unmatched expertise to navigate organisations through numerous applications—from utility, to commercial and industrial, to renewable integration applications and more. we have you covered with our years of experience and expertise.

On the software front, NEC has designed and developed intelligent and proprietary AEROS® Controls Suite—a platform connecting electricity and digital. Forming the core of the company’s integrated solutions, the AEROS® Controls Suite comprises AEROS® Core, AEROS® Controls, and AEROS® Command, which collectively equip a single energy storage asset or a fleet of assets with full command, control, monitoring and management functionality. The software suite has been beneficial for users to exercise better and more accurate integrated command and control functionality, and leverage accurate information on predictive maintenance, operating costs and battery degradation.

The year 2020 marked a major turning point for our society. Through these changes, we have experienced the great power and value of digital technologies. These digitally spurred social changes are most likely to continue from now on. I would like to see NEC stand at the centre and be the driver of these dynamic changes

The uniqueness of NEC’s energy storage solutions stems from its battery storage system that has been field-proven for over 10 years and tempered by four generations of design improvements. The proprietary battery management system, wrapped with safety and performance protocols and powered by the company’s proprietary AEROS® software platform, is purpose-designed and built, ISO compliant containers, custom enclosures, or installed inside pre-existing or new construction buildings depending on clients’ specific needs. The battery storage system is built on modular rack-integrated energy storage racks that allow easy configuration of energy storage systems and meet application-specific requirements. Lastly but most importantly, NEC’s system integration for improved energy storage safety forms the soul of its offering. The safety solutions are rigorously tested and certified, and demonstrate multiple layers of protections from failures and unsafe conditions, making them the safest and most reliable in the business.

A Relentless Pursuit of Innovation

With a 120-years-old legacy and a strong value proposition in place, it stands to reason that numerous organisations rely on NEC for its highly dependable solutions. When it comes to delivering energy storage solutions, NEC acknowledges that need to stabilise power grid’s frequency at 50 hertz for a secure supply of power. This applies for many countries across the globe, especially in Europe. Power grid operators must balance the supply and demand of electricity, in order to go beyond frequency of 50 hertz in the event of electricity generation exceeding consumption, or vice versa. The whole process balancing the equation becomes daunting with variability in power generation from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Evidently, the rubber meets the road in countries like Germany and other members of the European Union (EU) where adoption of renewable energy is witnessing a steep rise.

Similar was the case for provided Eneco and Diamond Generating Europe (DGE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. NEC stepped up to help such companies with a GSS grid storage solution for German primary reserve operations. The company installed a 48 megawatt lithium-ion battery system in Jardelund, a municipality generating large amounts of electricity through wind farms. Operational since June 2018, the battery system installed by NEC—by far the largest in Europe—can store enough power for about 5,300 German households for 24 hours. “We have been very impressed with the NEC team who have worked tirelessly to get this project up and running in about 8 months to the point of operations,” says Marc Wegman, Director, Industrial Eneco.

With the largest battery energy storage system in Europe, NEC has accomplished an impressive feat and a huge milestone with this project. The energy storage system has also been instrumental in optimising wind power output and supplyby storing wind power output from times of high wind and releasing it during times of low wind. This way, the company’s system adds more value to the society, promoting less wastage of valuable and clean wind energy.

Keeping “Better Products, Better Services” as its founding principle, NEC continues to break new ground in the field energy storage solutions.