Mark Bronez, CEO, OnSwitchMark Bronez, CEO
Clean, renewable, reliable – these words exemplify solar energy. With environmental awareness gaining ground rapidly, more and more businesses are looking for ways to install solar technology in their building locations. Yet, the high effort required to evaluate, bid out, and finance solar systems is often a barrier for businesses to implement solar-powered systems.

Amidst this scenario, one company embarked on a mission to use advanced technology to make solar energy available in an easy, fast, and affordable manner to every possible commercial building across the US. Making this seemingly impossible feat possible is OnSwitch, a provider of solar-powered energy systems to businesses and governments. “OnSwitch is dramatically simplifying how commercial building owners evaluate and buy solar energy systems, while offering them the highest cost savings in the market,” says Mark Bronez, CEO of OnSwitch.

Currently operating in the top solar-abundant states of California and New Jersey as well as New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Texas, OnSwitch’s proprietary, patented AI-enabled software creates accurately designed and priced, ready-to-buy contractible proposals – called SkyQuotes - for solar energy systems. With just a building address, OnSwitch’s aerial imagery technology precisely maps the rooftops of the building by assessing the building geometries and sun angles throughout the year. The AI intelligently reads the imagery to determine locations and sizing of roof equipment, roof edges, and trees, along with analyzing sunlight and shadowing in the building location through the day and throughout the year. Based on this data, OnSwitch’s software automatically pulls specifications and costs for top-rated panels and equipment to design a rooftop solar energy system that maximizes cost savings, and pulls the best-priced installation services costs from OnSwitch’s large network of pre-qualified solar providers and financiers. It then posts online an accurate, ready-to-buy proposal for the building owner to access and review, all in a matter of seconds.

A Cost-Effective Commitment to Solar Energy

While SkyQuotes for standalone buildings certainly end up saving big bucks and valuable time for all businesses, SkyQuote benefits increase exponentially for businesses who occupy multiple buildings, whether several, tens or even hundreds of buildings. For such businesses OnSwitch can save weeks, months, even a year of time and resources that would otherwise be required to generate accurate designs and pricing for each of the business’ buildings. “Our competitive advantage is increased dramatically when there are multiple buildings involved, as we can provide those buildings owner seven more quickly and inexpensively comprehensive proposals for each one of their buildings,” Bronez states.

As a shining example of this feature, Bronez mentions helping one of their big-ticket clients, Cinemark. Present in hundreds of locations throughout the US, this American movie theater chain wanted accurate solar system quotes including financing for their buildings in the top solar states of California and New Jerseyso that they could choose the optimal locations to install solar energy systems. For such a complicated task, Cinemark sought the services of OnSwitch. Cinemark simply provided the addresses of the theater locations they wanted to evaluate, which OnSwitch ran through their automated SkyQuote generation software. OnSwitch quickly provided Cinemark with SkyQuote proposals for all the buildings, readily accessible online and in an interactive format that allowed Cinemark personnel to compare solar for the different buildings by financial payback, system size, and quoted price, among other criteria. Based on the powerful data and accurate proposals provided by OnSwitch, Cinemark zeroed in on their top buildings for solar energy systems, the first two of which will be operational this Fall.

OnSwitch is dramatically simplifying how commercial building owners evaluate and buy solar energy systems while offering the best financial returns in the market

Streamlining the building evaluation and the solar system procurement and installation processes – and passing on those cost savings to the customer by offering the lowest prices in the market -- are what differentiates OnSwitch from other players in the market. “We deliver a comprehensive, ready-to-buy SkyQuote proposal to our prospective customers even before they would talk to the first salesperson at other solar companies,” Bronez says. This proactive approach is crucial for operating in a space where prospective clients don’t have a lot of time or budget to spend evaluating the solar potential of their buildings for their company and at the same time are required to lower their energy costs. “Our software has simplified the buying process, which simplifies the selling processes, which means OnSwitch’s reduced selling costs can be passed on to the customer as lower solar prices,” remarks Bronez.

Expanding the Reach of Solar Power

When it comes to future endeavors, OnSwitch is focused on expanding its operations geographically and its suite of renewable energy solutions. Anticipating the needs of building owners across the US, and eventually abroad, OnSwitch is creating a readymade database of SkyQuotes for all solar-viable commercial buildings in the country. “We’re g oing t o g enerate a S kyQuote f or e very o ne o f those buildings to have them readily available on our website for building owners everywhere to access, review and download.” explains Bronez. This ambitious project requires the power of their patented AI to enable OnSwitch to generate a SkyQuote in just one minute and for only about a dollar each. To this end, OnSwitch has already identified 1.1 million solar-viable commercial building rooftops in the US. “It’s going to take us about $1.1 million, and about 1.1 million minutes of processing time. As we will be soon by further reducing our processing times, we’re planning to complete the database of 1.1 million SkyQuoted buildings by the end of next year,” Bronez informs.

On the product front, OnSwitch will be adding to their rooftop solar SkyQuotes offering solar systems explicitly designed for parking lots next year. Employing the same processes as their rooftop solar systems, different versions of their AI algorithms will map the parking spaces, medians and drive ways intelligently. Dedicated to serving the renewable energy sector, OnSwitch will also be adding energy storage systems and solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations to its product portfolio. Paving the path for energy-efficient commercial buildings, OnSwitch is all set to help establishments reap the benefits of carbon-neutral, green energy systems by making solar an easy to buy and financially beneficial alternative to utility electricity.