Insight learned from experience is indispensable to any business that drives innovation and success.

Take the example of energy trading. The improper distribution and fluctuating concentration of energy resources across the globe gave birth to the concept of “energy trading.” Since then, the energy-trading industry has evolved with extreme rapidity, and companies have been built and fallen since the industry’s inception. The volatility that has created both success and failure requires infrastructure and controls to properly manage it. The right combination of people, processes, and technology creates the framework for energy trading and marketing success. Optimus, a team of seasoned professionals with deep experience specializing in recruiting and solutions for the commodities and technology business areas, is uniquely suited to partner with organizations to define and implement or improve that framework.

Born with a singular focus on helping clients understand and solve challenges pertaining to people, process, and technology, Optimus combines the deep-seated expertise of energy industry veterans Michelle Bruce, Heather Leverett, and Shelley Wright to navigate organizations through the choppy waters of commodity trading. “Our experience working in various functional areas across the commodity space gives us an edge to streamline the otherwise complicated processes of E/CTRM,” says Michelle Bruce, Partner, Optimus. In essence, the company brings to the table proficient E/CTRM professionals who understand the challenges in commodity trading and present solutions that pave the way for efficiency.

Since its inception in 2004, Optimus has evolved to include a substantial team of seasoned experts who provide “fit for purpose” solutions that resolve the inconsistencies around E/ CTRM and related systems. Be it Front, Middle, Back Office or the Technology that surrounds it the company addresses all the aspects that touch the trade lifecycle and ensures that clients have the appropriate business processes and systems necessary to support their business and risk tolerances.

As a lean organization, Optimus takes an alternative route to the “one-size-fits-all” approach. What makes Optimus a preferred choice among its competitors is its ability to deliver both cost-effective and high-standard solutions that yield positive outcomes. Predominantly, Optimus identifies itself as providing a trifecta of services–recruiting, staffing, and consulting that are tailored based on what the company needs in its evolution. For example, Optimus may do a controls review, implement a system and new business processes, assist with redefining the organization structure based on the new processes and systems, and then recruit permanent team members for the client to hire based on the changing organization structure. To this end, the Optimus staffing techniques even act as a backup to fill in the emergency human asset gaps created.

The impeccable benefits of Optimus services do not end here.

The company, through its consulting services delves deep into understanding the customers’ needs, culture, business processes, system architectures, and more for devising a solution that closes the underlying loopholes.

Our experience working in various functional areas across the commodity space gives us an edge to streamline the otherwise complicated processes of E/CTRM

In this regard, the proficient Optimus consultants work hand-in-hand with clients to identify organizational complexities and subsequently assess, document, develop, and execute the optimal solution necessary to facilitate business synergies. Precisely, the company leaves no stone unturned in finding best suited talents for its customers.

“We will not place someone into a job just because they appear to be a great fit on paper,” remarks Michelle. Instead, the TX-based firm goes the extra mile to understand the customer work culture and finds them the perfect candidate with similar functional skills. All thanks to the team’s entrenched know-how in the trading and commodity space. To illustrate more on the value that Optimus brings to the table, Michelle cites a recent instance when the company partnered with an independent power producer that had been operating for many years on homegrown solutions for their generation management and ISO settlements. “They came to us, trying to decide on a solution provider and system integrator,” she mentions. After a thorough conversation with Michelle and her business partners on approach, the client immediately chose to collaborate with Optimus. Quickly, Michelle and her team were able to hone in on their problems and chalked out a plan listing the checklist of requirements to be addressed, conducted vendor selection exercises to choose the best one based on statistical analysis, and helped them gain deeper insights into the process. The project then moved forward into execution.

Success stories as such have encouraged Optimus to constantly enhance their innovative approach to solve diverse problems of its clients. Speaking further, Michelle expresses her concerns over the grim condition in the midst of Covid-19. Additionally, pointing out how the initial months were stagnant for most enterprises, she comments on the definitive pickup in hiring activities during the latter half of Q4 both for permanent and staffing hires as well as the kick off of strategic consulting projects.

While Optimus has operated on a global level, Optimus plans to solidify its footprints into European soil very soon with an internationally based team. As far as expanding services are concerned, the company listens to the needs of the market – just like commodities trading and marketing does. "We want to support our clients and candidates irrespective of location. That is ultimately what it takes to provide a true fit for purpose solution," concludes Michelle.