Exploration and Production companies (E&Ps) spend large amounts of time and money on their oil and gas accounting processes like vendor-invoice activities wherein invoices are entered, processed, and paid. Despite the advancements, manual paper-based execution of invoices is prevalent even today. P2 Energy Solutions, a Colorado-based software and technology company dedicated to the upstream oil and gas industry, worked with one of its clients in addressing the manual process of managing invoicing activities. Before engaging with P2 Energy Solutions, the client’s team spent more than 30 days to get each invoice entered, processed, and paid. P2 Energy Solutions provided its P2 IDEAS, a rapidly deployable international oil and gas venture management software solution, which allowed the client to radically reduce the time to get an invoice in and out through the electronic workflows and automated the processes.

P2 Energy Solutions provides software, data, and analytics solutions to upstream oil and gas firms focused on solving tough challenges in optimizing their business performance. The company also delivers solutions that help manage their land assets, measure and process financial information, and optimize production. “Working closely with our customers, we help them navigate today's challenging market environment by delivering technologies that remove barriers and deliver positive, measurable results in their business performance,” delineates Amy Zupon, CEO, P2 Energy Solutions.

The company’s product, P2 Land, manages crucial land and lease tasks as its embedded map gives team members—from lease analysts to executives—the ability to visualize company assets and gain on-the-spot answers. P2 Land and its modules combine real-time visualization, one-click data analysis, and process automation to deliver an unmatched land management experience. Secondly, P2’s solutions like Reserves Management provide auditability and insight into an enterprise’s most important assets.Enterprises face a challenge of data management, especially in spreadsheets, which exposes companies to incomplete and inaccurate information, possibly leading to gross misstatements in reserves.

We help clients navigate today's challenging market environment by delivering technologies that remove barriers and deliver positive, measurable results in their business performance

Through connector modules and spreadsheet loaders, P2 seamlessly integrates with an enterprise’s existing solutions. Lastly, P2 provides training services to effectively utilize their solutions and get up and running as quickly as possible. The company offers several modes of product learning through flexible classroom environment with certified instructors.

As the oil and gas industry strives to be execution-driven in extracting the underground assets in marketing efficiently and profitably, P2’s products and solutions help these industries navigate today’s challenging environment. A successful production program and overall company success go hand-in-hand, and in today's highly competitive landscape, oil and gas production must be optimized at all times. This means data capture and validation, real-time data visualization, event and alert monitoring, and seamless shift of handovers must all come together in a cohesive way—this is where P2 Production Solutions shine.

With over 3 decades of expertise in the industry, P2 has delivered software and data solutions that reach all upstream organizations, from the back office to the field. The E&Ps face challenges from driving greater value out of existing production to containing costs in a tightening global market to managing the ‘great crew change’ impacting their workforces. Now more than ever, upstream companies need strong vendor partners and innovative new technology solutions, and P2 is just the partner for all their industry needs.