The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) represents a new reality in the energy sector, bringing about increased productivity, efficient operations, and tremendous cost savings. However, due to undetected equipment failure, huge amount of energy is being wasted during the continuous operation of electrical equipments in industries. To overcome these issues facility managers shifted to predictive maintenance, which is based on real-time, device level data, for predicting equipment failures, detecting hidden operational inefficiencies, and energy waste, while saving cost. “Panoramic Power brings together non-invasive device level hardware, cloud-based software and supporting services to help organizations improve their operational performance and manage energy demand,” says Yaniv Vardi, CEO, Panoramic Power. Addressing the needs of facility and operations managers for real-time visibility into energy consumption, Panoramic Power, offers device level cloud-based analytic solution with real-time energy data and actionable insight to significantly save time, reduce cost, and mitigate risks.

Panoramic Power’s energy management solution is based on PowerRadar software with involves several breakthrough technologies to monitor and measure electrical energy consumption from the multi-site level to an individual device level. First, Panoramic Power’s patented sensors are installed within the electrical panel room to measure energy consumption at the device level. This energy data are transmitted wirelessly in real-time, every 10 seconds through our state-of-the-art communications bridge. Once the communication bridge receives data from the sensors installed within an electrical panel room, it is easily linked to the cloud using existing WiFi, Ethernet or Cellular networks. With the platform’s advanced intelligence system, data is further analyzed to deliver sophisticated reports and statistical analyses on detailed energy and operational consumption. Finally, these customized reports are sent to stakeholders for developing actionable insights, which allows organizations to identify and reduce energy and operational expenses.

The platform also offers PowerRadar app, which delivers easily accessible energy data on user’s mobile device. Facility managers are also kept notified with specific anomalies in energy consumption such as off-schedule consumption or advanced failure detection.

Panoramic Power brings together non-invasive device level hardware, cloud-based software and supporting services to help organizations improve their operational performance and manage energy demand

Users can also respond to alerts and notifications in real time, empowering them to make better operational decisions. “Plant operators and supervisors no longer need to be bound to their office computers, and corporate executives are just a touch away from real-time operational and performance data that impacts their organization’s bottom line," says Vardi.

Providing granular visibility into energy usage for delivering a quick ROI, Panoramic Power has implemented energy management solutions for restaurant chains, grocery stores, banking, industrial manufacturing, healthcare facilities, multi-site merchandise retailers and more. For instance, Israel’s largest retail chain that sells lighting fixtures for commercial and residential markets was critically challenged with the high energy consumption of the display lights during the off-hours. The company wanted an energy management solution that provides benchmarking analysis and indicate specific anomalies in real-time for proactive maintenance activities. As a result, Panoramic Power placed device level sensors on HVAC units and lighting in multiple zones of each store. With the PowerRadar’s real-time alerts, the company’s off-hour consumption was reduced by 90 percent, thereby improving operational efficiency and corporate sustainability.

Best-in-class technology coupled with a customer centric model has helped Panoramic Power to focus incessantly on providing visibility, power and flexibility to optimize energy consumption. Moving forward, Panoramic Power is planning to expand its businesses and portfolios by bringing in enhanced solution and services to serve its clients and also to thrive in the competitive global market.