Daniel Shelton, CEO, PC Automated ControlsDaniel Shelton, CEO
The recent trends in building data and analytics have nurtured automation techniques and internet of things (IoT)-driven functionalities in energy management. As an outcome, companies have been leveraging building energy management systems (BEMS) that manage everything from scheduling HVAC equipment to controlling temperatures from a centralized platform, with operational cost reduction as a key focus. Upholding this trend, Texas-based PC Automated Controls delivers a BEMS platform that can be tailored to meet such needs of organizations and employs big data in a useful and intuitive manner. “We are focused on enhancing these offerings in order to provide utmost value to the customers,” says Daniel Shelton, CEO, PC Automated Controls.

The company’s key target vertical markets are K-12, healthcare, and commercial office buildings. By leveraging new technologies, PC Automated Controls has helped organizations across Texas and New Mexico reduce their cost of operations significantly through the use of an intuitive BEM.

PC Automated Controls’ unique approach to HVAC Preventative Maintenance (PM) involves a financial analysis that frequently identifies unnecessary spending. An aspect of our unique approach involves brainstorming with decision makers to understand their current situation both operationally and financially. This results in identifying cost reduction strategies and customizing PM solutions that provide quality and shifting risk, while reducing costs.

BEM gives customers a powerful user interface that provides insight into the facility’s HVAC, lighting, and power systems. The customers can simply control all the individual pieces of equipment from a web-based interface. The PM packages, on the other hand, allow for the shift of monetary risk from the client to PC Automated Controls while also reducing costs; such risks often include labor, repair, and materials.

By leveraging new technologies, PC Automated Controls has helped organizations across Texas and New Mexico reduce their cost of operations significantly

PC Automated Controls boasts a significant number of client success stories that speak volumes of the capabilities it has been delivering to businesses over the years. One such story involves a medical facility that had problems controlling their building temperature and suffered from premature equipment failure. PC Automated Controls installed a leading-edge BEM and a comprehensive PM for the client, along with indoor LED lighting and high-powered lighting fixtures outdoors. All risk and liability shifted to PC Automated Controls, and the client was able to extend the equipment life beyond expectations and reduce the facility’s energy consumption by 25 percent.

In the next 12 to 18 months, PC Automated Controls aspires to expand its PM offerings. Shelton believes that there are several expansion opportunities in Texas and New Mexico, as organizations in these regions begin to witness the return on investment in PM.

As the market continues to grow and the technology developments accelerate, the company sees itself venturing into new areas of expertise such as artificial intelligence. However, at the same time, the PC Automated Controls team understands that its growth and success has been an outcome of its focus on building relationships and customer satisfaction. Even as the technology changes, the company will continue to prioritize customer relationships above all.