The oil and gas companies regularly collect critical data from remote well sites and production locations, and uses Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor these critical assets. As oil production sites are situated at remote and difficult to reach locations, it often becomes a daunting task for the oilfield producers to maintain and controls these assets. Navigating through these harsh waters, the oilfields are increasingly shifting from earlier generation SCADA systems to the new, low-cost alternative automated system to efficiently manage their assets, and enable security officers to control oilfield gates from anywhere. Working with various oilfield clients for decades now, PetroCloud, a provider of cloud-based automation and monitoring services for the oilfields, has been helping its customers gain efficiency in their operations and improve oilfield security. The Irving, TX based company delivers portfolio of security solutions including HD video surveillance, RFID tagging systems, and remote gate access or monitoring, which in turn lowers the overall capital costs, maintenance costs, and labor costs.

As enterprises today are looking out for automated infrastructures to maintain production and control of these assets, PetroCloud’s SCADA-as-a-Service automation solution provides a comprehensive service and supplies field devices, data telemetry, and cloud-based, with real-time automation software platform technology. The SCADA-as-a- Service automation solution has the ability to provide remote optimization, visibility, and security functionality for a single or limitless number of locations.

“PetroCloud’s oilfield monitoring solution is a cost-effective alternative to traditional SCADA system,” says Lance White, Founder and CEO, PetroCloud. Running the entire system on PetroCloud’s cloud-based oilfield monitoring platform, customers can eliminate all the ongoing costs for software licensing, development, modification, and maintenance, making organizations more effective and productive. The system conducts continual readings with advanced charts, graphs, and analytics that enable production optimization, which efficiently meets the environmental compliance issues with its ability to monitor gas leaks and emissions and tank overspills.

Lance White, Founder & CEO

PetroCloud’s oilfield monitoring solution is a new and low-cost alternative to traditional SCADA system

PetroCloud conducts oil and gas surveillance to allow oilfield owners and operators monitor their location for 24 hours, all day, week, through its remote oilfield surveillance system. It is a well designed system that utilizes motion detection, object detection, streaming video, and night vision to capture meaningful events and minimize false ones. PetroCloud’s advanced and sophisticated system includes video surveillance facilities, and can also remotely control tanks, pump jacks, valves and other devices on-site. This advanced surveillance system uses cameras and equipment that are specifically designed for hazardous locations, extreme temperature ranges and weather conditions, and low power consumption instances. The fully integrated HD cameras conducts live streaming of high resolution video, and will utilize motion detection, object detection, and night vision, helping oilfield operators with the prosecution and recovery process. These HD cameras include streaming video, night vision, and motion detection functionalities that allow users to supervise projects or events remotely. These new abilities of remote surveillance greatly augment their customer’s ability to monitor and record the premises, reduce travel time and supervision costs, and also allow the staffs to be more productive.

Befitting the name PetroCloud, delivers a proprietary cloud platform and 3G, 4G/LTE technology allowing oilfields to conduct a two way communications with field devices, gauges and sensors. This cloud-based platform enables customers to remotely access, view, and controls their entire oil well location, equipment, and inventory using their mobile phone or computer. Looking at the future goals, PetroCloud is aiming towards expanding to new geographic areas at a rapid rate, and is in need of high quality service providers and wireless oil automation partners to help them install, support, maintain, and spread their services and offerings across the globe.