Stefano Fiorenzani, Founding Partner and Chairman, PhinergyStefano Fiorenzani, Founding Partner and Chairman
In a world where the only constant is ‘change,’ the energy trading and risk management (ETRM) landscape has always witnessed adaptability as the key to success. Contemporary businesses flourish when they adapt to industry and marketplace shifts and deploy the latest technology to make the necessary changes. On these grounds, over the years, ETRM systems have evolved to become adaptable and extendable, ensuring continued usage and keeping operations up-to-date. Similar is the story of Phinergy.

Back in 2014, Stefano Fiorenzani and Enrico Edoli ideated a specialised ETRM consulting company in the quantitative analysis area. This company, Phinergy, started off with providing consultancy and training solutions to medium and large-sized energy traders and software firms. Soon after, as Fiorenzani and Edoli realised how the key to robustness of the company lay in independently developing its own solutions, they got staff from the IT segments to enable the designing of systems for automatic trading on intraday power markets in Italy. Never having paused on its road to evolution, today, Phinergy is a class in itself, developing and commercialising tools for various extended areas of strategic interest such as risk management, pricing, portfolio optimisation, and forecasting. “Focused on innovation, we constantly stimulate the market’s ETRM systems on new challenges while helping them experiment with new technologies on the move,” says Fiorenzani, founding partner and chairman of Phinergy.

The consultancy offered by this Italy-based company goes beyond software selection or configuration and customisation of existing software, as its end goal is tool development. Focused on providing high-quality products, Phinergy leverages its team’s strong technical and quantitative skills to develop a SaaS-based ETRM solution.

Every organisation expects the ETRM system to adapt to their operating perimeter and fit perfectly with their portfolio or existing operational procedures. Along the same lines, Phinergy helps its customers understand the true potential of its system. The company offers customised solutions for the big customers and standardised ones for small businesses, at times modifying and improving their underlying operating processes as per the requirements.
“We tell them how sometimes it’s not the system that has to adapt to their processes, it’s rather the process that has to evolve in order to exploit the maximum potential of the system,” asserts Fiorenzani.

Unlike organisations aiming to grow bigger in size, we simply wish to remain independent in providing high-quality solutions

In 2017, Phinergy developed EULER, which is a complete, computationally powerful, scalable, and modular ETRM system, feeding on the company’s core competency and strength of risk analysis. As a SaaS, EULER covers all the ETRM activities of the front end, back office, reporting and compliance, and also the contractual framework agreement. The system’s core competency lies in its real-time computational speed. Furthermore, EULER uses a horizontally scalable computing cluster, natively designed and optimised for the cloud, totally independent of the customer’s hardware and also leverages non-standard database solutions specifically designed for the management of large piers of unstructured data. Over time, EULER has evolved as a cutting-edge solution for the European power and gas markets. Besides its scalability and modularity, EULER’s framework makes it economical and accessible to enterprises of all sizes. “We have tried to condense our many years of experience as consultants and users of ETRM systems for the development of EULER, which offers all the features that our customers wanted but couldn’t always find in a single solution,” adds Fiorenzani.

With its accumulated adequate knowledge capital and portfolio of capable solutions, Phinergy is all set to be accessible in other countries like Western and Northern Europe, US, and Australia. As ‘growing while maintaining quality’ remains the company’s bet for the next few years, it plans to continuously improve the EULER. “Unlike organisations aiming to grow bigger in size, we simply wish to remain independent in providing high-quality solutions,” concludes Fiorenzani.