Gas evacuation and flaring are a couple of the most significant challenges plaguing oil and gas enterprises worldwide. Flare accidents have not just adversely affected oil field workers and added to their health woes but have also been immensely detrimental to the environment. Apart from triggering environmental hazards, adhering to fixed infrastructure models, resulting inefficient production is vital to challenge oil and gas enterprises have not overcome for several years. Although many pads across the globe possess the ability to produce high quantities of oil and gas sufficient to cater to an entire town's needs, the output is inconsistent, and the supply dwindles over a period. Entrepreneurs Eyal Aronoff and Dr. Robert Zubrin, founders of Pioneer Energy, observed that the adversities caused by oil and gas plants, as well as the inefficiencies plaguing them have been unresolved since many decades, inspiring them to start a firm to overcome these shortcomings. " Pioneer Energy believes in strategic application of technology to the existing legacy environments of oil and gas processing plants, since such a practice not only curbs environmental hazards and ensures safety, but also amplifies production efficiency significantly," elucidates Aronoff, CEO, Pioneer Energy.

The Colorado-based firm is an original equipment manufacturer of a range of gas capture and processing units. It strives to tackle complex gas processing challenges faced by its clients by effective utilization of technology in an enterprise-specific fashion. The Vaporcatcher and Flarecatcher, two unique products belonging to Pioneer Energy's product suite have been instrumental in empowering gas processing plants. The Flarecatcher, a mobile gas processing plant, leverages deep refrigeration technology for the extraction of natural gas liquids and enables clients with the ability to make smarter decisions regarding oil development and their routine work schedules. "The Flarecatcher provides the advantage of helping enterprises independently develop parts of an oil field without requiring any support from midstream organizations," Aronoff mentions. Adoption of The Vaporcatcher helps in effective conversion of harmful emissions to useful products, thus aiding in the prevention of environmental threats. The unique factor that differentiates Pioneer Energy from its industry peers is the unparalleled ability of its products to process hydrocarbons seamlessly.

Pioneer Energy believes in strategic application of technology to legacy environments of oil and gas processing plants to curb hazards and amplify production efficiency

The Colorado-based firm is a trusted partner of several reputed oil and gas enterprises that sought its assistance for the mitigation of myriad business challenges. A common reason for many organizations to choose Pioneer Energy's expertise is an evacuation of gas hindered by emission constraints and accomplishment of their quarterly business goals.

Aronoff recalls the experience of mitigating a business challenge of a Colorado-based midstream oil and gas enterprise to paint a clearer picture of Pioneer Energy's capabilities. The firm had started developing a pad comprising of fifty wells at an exorbitant price and a few months before bringing the wells on-line, the complete extraction of gas from the pad seemed infeasible due to complete dependency on a single line, and the channel will be overwhelmed by the incoming gas volume. The midstream firm consulted Pioneer Energy to mitigate the challenge and the solution offered was a dedicated gas processing capacity integrated with the pad enabling seamless evacuation.

One of the noteworthy highlights of the conversation was the company's turnkey service, Peak Capture that works in tandem with an existing midstream solution. Peak Capture helps increase oil production and ROI, a factor that undoubtedly differentiates Pioneer Energy from its industry peers. Aronoff's comprehensive explanation of Pioneer Energy's solution suite and its capabilities explains why the firm is a 'go-to' solution provider today and reveals the company's potential to scale great heights in the months to come.