The electric power industry is at a crossroads. The emergence of smart grids and the interconnection of microgrids have given rise to innovative energy storage technologies integrated with power electronics systems. These islanded systems spring into existence thanks to accurate power management on the system level, not to mention the efficient transfer of energy through power converters. The power systems are designed to integrate distributed energy resources—especially via renewable energies such as wind and solar—to deliver sustainable, emission-free, and economic electricity. One of the earliest adopters and trendsetters in this relatively new technology segment, Power Electronics & Systems Consultancy (PESC-CH) specialises in the integration of power converters and intermediate energy storage within eco-friendly power systems.

“We implement and design specifications of power components including digital control, semiconductor devices, and magnetic components. With a focus on efficiency, availability, and power quality, we excel in the area of power electronics—catering to the systems that require effective power management. Rather than focusing on the battery, we design solutions to integrate the battery into the full system,” explains Dr. Daniel Siemaszko, founder of PESC-CH. The Swiss company also performs reliability analysis of power converters and systems, including electromagnetic compatibility, test automation of digital controllers, thermal management, and failure analysis.

From Siemaszko’s vantage point, the common hurdle encountered by organisations adopting modern energy storage systems is the power management component. PESC-CH solves the industry-wide challenge through controllers designed specifically for grid-connected power converters, multi-level converters, and optimal intermediate storage interfaces. The software provides the power converters intelligence, and the capability to determine how to control currents to maintain voltage. “Bringing control theory to practice with the implementation of optimized controllers to dedicated control platforms is our speciality.

This way, the electronic power system can meet specific power requirements or energy profiles depending on a client’s needs,” says Siemaszko. The customized software, programmed inside the Digital Signal Processor (DSP), is designed to communicate with the control port by sending gate signals to power converters. The level of customization depends on the system, measurements, and availability of voltage and electric current. PESC-CH leaves no stone unturned in adapting to a client’s control board to build effective solutions.

PESC-CH, the coming together of applied research specialists and independent actors in the field of power electronics and systems, takes pride in aiding organisations inject renewable energy to the grid and green storage. Siemaszko’s team offers expertise in the dimensioning of a dedicated storage system suitable for application ranging from remote villages to industrial sites. On that front, PESC-CH is currently working with one of its partners, Enairys Powertech, that is building a revolutionary compressed air energy storage system designed to operate without the utility of any chemicals (in the form of a battery). While acknowledging that an energy storage system not reliant on electrochemical batteries is the way of the future, Siemaszko says, “We are finalizing a few specific projects where we can provide this inexpensive and clean technology. Our focus is to include this compressed air energy storage into power systems. It will also adapt seamlessly with solar panels and the stored energy could provide electricity for long durations—potentially months— unlike batteries that don’t have long-lasting cycles.” PESC-CH and Enairys Powertech are working together to develop a few commercial-level applications.

As the growing field of renewable energies unlocks new doors in the electric power industry, PESC-CH will continue to develop new technologies and power systems. The organisation reveals it is on the brink of undertaking a game-changing project that will propel it to new heights.