Garth Schultz, Co-Founder & President, Power PanelGarth Schultz, Co-Founder & President
The solar industry continues to be at the forefront of the energy revolution. By bringing in sustainable transformation from a conventional energy economy to a renewable energy-driven future, solar presents promise with innovative systems. This combined with an increasing demand for reliable electricity and hot water, hybrid solar systems have gained more traction in the market over the traditional grid-feed solar systems with their high efficiency, continuous power supply, and cost-efficiency. Why, hybrid solar-thermal technologies capture 80 percent of the sun’s energy, and collects the same electricity as a standard Photovoltaic (PV) model per square meter by harvesting a considerable amount of thermal energy in the same footprint. Being a leading innovator in highly scalable and deployable turnkey solar technology solutions, Power Panel offers all-in-one hybrid solar solutions that simultaneously generate electricity and hot water, to successfully meet energy production needs. According to industry veteran and Co-Founder and President of Power Panel, Garth Schultz, the real energy need of industry—whether it’s commercial sector, agriculture, or household requirements—there is a predominant thrust toward ‘medium grade thermal requirements’ such as heating of hot water, heating and boiler preheat. “What we offer is that ability to have a large energy capture in the same footprint as a standard Photovoltaic (PV) model and without substantial addition of infrastructure to the installation,” he asserts.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Schultz’s company offers various systems including panels, generators, mounting hardware, and control systems that allow users to reduce their energy costs as well as satisfy their deployable hot water storage requirements. The company’s flagship product, The Power Panel module, combines solar technology with thermal harvesting, to provide great efficiency and significant cost savings. As a result of the unique fusion of liquid cooling, thermal storage tanks, and durable solar cell technology, the module provides elite performance even in extreme temperatures ranges and environmental conditions—the module is capable of heating water up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit efficiently.
The company also provides thermal tanks that come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs, which are fast and easily installable.

Understanding the customer requirements is paramount to us and we continually thrive for delivering a solution that caters to their needs

In order to use high-quality materials for their product and achieve groundbreaking accomplishments, Power Panel combines its expertise on solar cells with BASF materials. Renowned for an industry-leading portfolio of engineering plastics and polyurethanes—both off-the-shelf and custom solutions—BASF is focused on innovation, creating and adapting high-performance materials to achieve desired properties. Schultz explains that the inclusion of BASF materials reduces weight, eliminates corrosion, and gives the company a technically advanced, durable, and reliable product that can function successfully for many years. “We supply sustainable material solutions to our customers that help them achieve their long term goals and fulfil their application requirements and user demands,” states David Lange, Senior Technical Development Engineer at BASF.

From a methodology perspective, the company’s approach is to analyze the customer’s energy usage profile first and then deploy a reliable and durable solution that reduces the overall electricity cost. From offering solutions for rural communities, military support, construction sites, hotels, and resorts, to residential sectors, Power Panel has established itself as a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. The company’s innovative solutions and team expertise make it a durable differentiator in the market. “Understanding customer requirements is paramount to us, and we continually strive to deliver a solution that caters to their needs,” explains Schultz.