Steve Richmond, Founder and CEO, ProjetechSteve Richmond, Founder and CEO
Over the last decade, as the world slowly experienced the pronounced effects of climate change, the movement toward renewable energy generation gained significant backing from forward-thinking investors. But with the fossil fuel-based power industry deeply-rooted in critical sectors, renewable energy organizations had to fight an uphill battle to carve their unique space in the market. However, after experiencing the hottest summer in the last century and never-before-seen numbers of wildfire incidents, the current business landscape as a whole is transitioning to renewable energy. While this shift is beneficial for the environment, the transition for energy businesses from utilizing fossil fuels into renewable energy is easier said than done.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting disruptions further pronounced the challenge for energy firms switching to renewable energy as they had to rapidly adapt to the ‘new normal’ and establish remote workforces across their footprint. To cope with this, the energy space, similar to all other markets, witnessed a surge in cloud adoption and implementation of business applications designed to enhance their overall operational efficiencies. But the expensive deployment of tech-driven solutions came with its own set of issues such as rising data complexities, information loss due to a lack of integration between implementations, and more. So energy businesses were stuck with the question “how to ensure effective management of the digital assets in a way that helps us traverse the evolving market in a simple and cost-effective way?

Ohio-based Projetech answers this question with its Maximo as a Service (MaaS) offering, which allows its clients to manage, maintain, and scale their IT infrastructure requirements while benefiting from flexible services and lower operating costs. The company is a Gold IBM Partner, which enables it to bundle the world-class enterprise asset management (EAM) software with leading off-the-shelf applications and offer its unique MaaS offering. “Our three-decade history in the EAM software arena and Gold Partner status with IBM enables us to assist clients by unifying the capabilities of multiple deployments into one software, which eliminates the costs of owning and operating several disparate apps,” says Steve Richmond, founder and CEO at Projetech.

Founded in 1990, Projetech has been a long-standing IBM partner. In fact, the company’s team has over 30+ years of experience implementing the software giant’s business applications across multiple sectors. According to Richmond, his team bundled the Maximo offering with several leading business applications and middleware software—MaaS, which helps customers minimize the costs of licensing and running several applications by unifying capabilities such as compliance analytics, performance monitoring, and dedicated improvement consulting with industry experts, among others under a single pane of glass. “Our expertise in asset management combined with the flexibility, security, scalability of IBM Maximo has enabled us to satisfy all the evolving-needs of our clientele,” adds Richmond. Projetech’s global footprint also plays a key role in its success as the company learns from every client engagement, which is unique based on their specific geography-based compliance requirements, client, demands, and more.

At the same time, Projetech prides itself on having highly skilled team in the EAM and energy sectors, whose passion and commitment drives the development and delivery of new capabilities

Further discussing the core competencies of Projetech, Richmond mentions how its partnership with IBM has expanded its horizons time and time again as the software leader continues to develop innovative feature sets for the next generation of businesses. “IBM has always been an iconic brand in the world, and our affiliation with them has opened some significant doors for us,” states Richmond. At the same time, Projetech prides itself on having highly skilled team in the EAM and energy sectors, whose passion and commitment drives the development and delivery of new capabilities. The company also boasts an ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 certification, and an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that has been recognized and accredited by the International Standards Organization.

A prime example of Projetech’s proven success is an instance where the company assisted a large energy company in consolidating information from across their expansive footprint. Initially, due to an operational footprint that spanned 50 sites throughout North America, the customer was experiencing challenges in data consolidation due to disparate deployments. To resolve this, Projetech implemented its MaaS offering, which enabled the client to effectively unify data from their overall operations into a single, manageable system operated from a central location. “We completed what the customer considered to be a multi-year project, within a year by facilitating the delivery of a consistent user experience and the consolidation of distributed data under a single database/application instance, “ explains Richmond.

Looking ahead, Projetech is poised to scale its operations and workforce as it aims for bigger contracts from larger energy organizations. This objective will also help the company in further expanding its geographical footprints in foreign markets such as Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. “Maximo is a global product and we are the best at implementing it. Therefore, our future roadmap includes continuing to grow with Maximo and develop capabilities that will better help our clients,” concludes Richmond.