Efficiency through data analysis is essential in helping businesses recover from various operational inefficiencies. This is especially true when executing industrial projects where most processes are commonly driven by conventional practices; it’s essential to switch to high-performing technologies and efficient processes to boost productivity and quality. Blake Biernacki, Managing Director at ProLytX says, “Coming from an engineering background, we have noticed that processes such as quality control, workflow standardization, data analytics, and reporting functionalities can largely benefit from streamlining with the use of advanced database and programming skills.” ProLytX identifies the gap that exists between engineering and IT and fills it with their expertise in data services, SmartPlant applications, functional safety services, and field services.

ProLytX offers an exquisite blend of enterprise applications, data analytics, and integration capabilities to harness the power of raw data available in operating facilities. Traditionally, software and database systems are managed by a separate IT infrastructure with custom front-end access points for Engineers and Managers. This approach creates barriers between the resources with Engineering knowledge and those with bulk data access and programming capabilities. Aggregation and compilation of data is an enormous task for any industry. ProLytX increases the efficiency of an industrial plant with the use of enterprise applications, safety simulation, and validation strategies.

The company’s proprietary technology—the Hive—pulls data fromDistributed Control Systems (DCS), Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and other enterprise applications to correlate and contextualize various bits and pieces of plant information for industrial audits. It allows the users to conduct high-performance checksand surveys using large amounts of data and obtain measurable insights of the equipment used in operating facilities. ProLytX has also developed Functional Safety Assessments that review the ‘state’ of operations carried out in compliance with S84 and IEC61511 standards. “We have completely automated manual processes for industrial safety systems. Using our solutions, one can run automated logic tests to ensure that each process goes through documented procedures,” explains Biernacki.

Processes such as quality control, workflow standardization, data analytics, and reporting functionalities can largely benefit from streamlining with the use of advanced database and programming skills

This feature is further bolstered by the Hive technology to assess data sets and thereby delivers intuitive user experiences for various business processes.

Utilizing ProLytX’s processes and technology, they have been able to reduce the overall turnaround downtime through their turnkey solutions for systems like Triconex. For one client, they were able to reduce the overall downtime for the turnaround by 2.5 days. This equated to an estimated saving to the client of ~$1.2M, with additional saving to be realized at subsequent turnarounds. ProLytX’s expertise extends to SmartPlant applications and commercial software solutions, which are customizable for various industry specifications. The company also conducts field surveys for clients to determine the efficiency of various processes. A recent system upgrade for one of its clients showcased ProLytX’s capabilities in aggregating data from various I/O reducing survey times over 70 percent.

Through such projects, ProLytX has earned a well-deserved spotlight by connecting engineering with IT. It crafts solutions designed to obtain higher efficiencies in operating facilities. Biernacki terms the company’s efforts as ‘delivering the power of technology and data analysis expertise’ to owners of the engineering facilities and fosters the development of a data-driven product lifecycle. “We are a people company, and what we have achieved so far, has been a result of the work culture and the work ethics that we have developed over the years,” concludes Biernacki.