Ken Rankin, Sr. VP Engineering and Project Management, PTMWKen Rankin, Sr. VP Engineering and Project Management
Power enclosures are becoming increasingly complex to offer high-level protection and security for complex computer and electrical equipment. In addition, and in many instances the enclosures must further meet respective state and local building code requirements, especially in those states which maintain State Certification laws/regulations, formerly known as Industrial Housing Buildings (IHB). For example, some states require the enclosures to be built to a certain seismic level. In other states, they may require initial inspection of the plans which might call for a PE engineering stamp, and additional inspections during the manufacturing process and upon the enclosure’s completion. Navigating through the various requirements of each state can be a challenge for organizations, often leading to unnecessary delays for the unwary.

As an expert in building enclosures, PTMW understands the specific requirements of each state and designs enclosures for power substations, distribution, generators, compressors, and more. With over three decades of experience in manufacturing various types and sizes of enclosures, the company has created a niche in the market to fulfil the unique needs of customers from the power industry.

Beginning its journey with small enclosures for rail signals applications, PTMW has significantly evolved its manufacturing prowess and designs to meet the current needs of the U.S. and global power industry. Today, PTMW’s engineering team leverages experience in design to offer a full gamut of power enclosures that include the housing of metal-clad switch gears, generators, turbines, variable frequency drives for motor control as well as battery enclosures. In the battery enclosure category, this is bifurcated into three specific types: (i) Energy storage in the event power is lost; (ii) Energy storage for use when rates are high at peak usage periods; and (iii) Energy storage until it can be transferred to the grid and sold.

Today, PTMW’s 827,000 square feet state-of-the-art manufacturing facility offers PTMW the ability to successfully fulfil large projects meeting all client specifications. PTMW is further certified as ISO 9001 and CSA A660 as well as a WBE women-owned business.

Typically, PTMW works with the customer to first understand their needs and specifications. Once the quote is approved, PTMW then creates drawings that are sent to the customer for approval, and often to a licensed professional engineer for review and further approval. During the production process, the company’s team carries out an inspection at every manufacturing step under the guidance of its inspectors and engineers. “We have a dedicated professional in the engineering department appointed to keep track of all local requirements and state certifications, while also working with third-party organizations to carry out inspections,” says Ken Rankin, Sr. VP Engineering and Project Management, PTMW. Moreover, the customer can come in at any point and inspect any stage of the production process. Finally, and if so desired by the respective customer, PTMW provides “site services” whereby its crew will install the enclosure(s) at the customer’s chosen location.

While PTMW has rendered its solutions and services to a number of clients, a prominent example is that of a large organization in the power industry. To protect their critical enclosures within the power grid from vandalism or terrorism, the client was required to fulfil certain requirements by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). PTMW developed a kit with AR 500 plating that was placed on the enclosure in the field to strengthen the client’s facility and prevent any issues. The kit protected the critical infrastructure from blast intrusion while aligning with the engineering specifications of the client and meeting all the NERC requirements.
  • We have a dedicated professional in the engineering department appointed to keep track of all local requirements and state certifications while also working with third party organizations to carry out inspections

Known as the ‘problem solvers,’ PTMW’s in-house team of experienced professionals ensures the highest quality of enclosures for its clients. PTMW’s team of experts is loaded with the required know-how and skills to develop special design features while meeting all state regulations and inspections, giving PTMW a leading edge.

Last, and with the recent change of ownership at PTMW (June 1, 2021), and under the direction and leadership of its new President, Ashley L. Bettis, Bettis is committed to continuing PTMW’s history of excellence in the Power Enclosure industry. In furtherance of such commitment, PTMW has recently purchased and installed a robotic welder; a sandblaster and a PythonX, the latter of which can handle large pieces of structural steel for use in the manufacture of larger power enclosures. With this continued expertise and commitment, the company has quickly become the “goto” provider of enclosures for the power industry and will continue to be so in the long run.