This quote by Robert Swan, an internationally acclaimed author and advocate for the protection of Antarctica and renewable energy, helps bring into perspective just how lax the world has been in terms of adopting eco-friendly practices as early as possible. Only recently, owing to the unignorable sideeffects of large-scale pollution and the rise in greenhouse gas emissions, governments slowly have begun developing and adopting sustainable solutions more rigorously than ever before; thousands of private-sector agencies have also come to the fore with their innovative offerings. One promising firm among them is R&L Solar Solutions, a comprehensive sustainable energies solutions provider focusing on delivering the most high-performance and tailor-made products for private, commercial, and government use cases.

R&L Solar Solutions’ efforts tie in with those of many countries across the globe that have started to emphasize the need for proactive, green, and sustainable initiatives. National and state governments alike have begun sternly advocating the adoption of electric vehicles (EV), imposing carbon taxes, and rewarding the implementation of solar-powered solutions to cut down carbon emission levels as quickly as possible. There has also been a visible change in the power trends of today where certain policies like the feed-in tariff (FIT) are being superseded by more promising corporate power purchase agreements (PPA) or energy spot marketing in the utilities and government landscapes. However, several criteria for inexpensive solar energy projects and independence of subsidies for energy production need to be met to effectuate a desirable, sustainable new source of clean and renewable power.

According to Uwe Rosenkranz, co-founder of R&L Solar Solutions, the main challenge that perturbs the energy marketplace—for commercial and industrial purposes—ultimately revolves around sales consumption. Following this is energy storage: the biggest disadvantage of solar power-based solutions. Having recognized such hindrances very early on and heeding the warnings of practically every climate and geological professional, Rosenkranz was more than determined to develop utilitarian solutions and successively co-founded his company alongside Suhong Li. The duo envisioned the prospect of offering the world viable, sustainable, and affordable energy solutions that it so desperately requires.

Combining Passion and Patience

Highly-motivated entrepreneurs established R&L as a private engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and operations and maintenance (O&M) organization. The company is solely dedicated to supporting utility-scale, commercial, and industrial solar projects to drive sustainability on a global scale. It helps governments and corporations spanning international borders overcome their sustainability challenges by developing solutions and products for utility-scale solar farms with a capacity of over one megawatt, including tailored roof-top solutions, solar carports, and floating photovoltaic (FPV) systems. R&L, with its vast experience in the field, R&L has also gained the trust of the Japanese government to install and maintain mega solar parks across the nation, implementing turnkey solutions abreast with propagating agricultural solar sharing practices.

The factors that led to the founding of this holistic, environmentcentric organization are many, but Rosenkranz expresses that two main preconditions need to be satisfied to enjoy its current level of success: passion and patience. “I am the passion, the entrepreneur; this job is my hobby, and it is everything to me. I am very lucky to have found a partner that is patient and is able to execute our ideas,” he shares. The co-founder continues to express his concerns for the future. “We only have one world, and we need to make sure that our children, and their children, can enjoy the wonder of nature. In other words, we must find ways to lower our carbon dioxide emissions.

An Unparalleled, Sustainable Strategy
R&L additionally factors in land and soil conditions when architecting solar farms and other large structures for multiple projects. It intends to minimize civil work as it searches for the most stable and economic foundation to build renewable power generation units that can withstand the test of time and nature. In Japan, for instance, earthquakes, heavy snowfall and typhoons frequent the country, where land is a very limited resource. Rosenkranz and his team thus follow a very straightforward principle to maximize energy generation capacity, minimized civil work vs highest yields.. “We achieve our results based on the application of German engineering, Japanese quality management, and Chinese OEM capabilities,” expresses the CEO.

We only have one world, and we need to make sure that our children, and their children, can enjoy the wonder of nature. In other words, we must find ways to lower our carbon dioxide emissions

The company also uses many ecofriendly material substitutes when devising its tailor-made solutions. It carries out thorough feasibility studies along with topographical and geotechnical surveys. Post which, with its highly experienced team and extremely reliable partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, the company moves toward installation. R&L makes effective use of wood instead of steel, recyclable and strong plastics instead of concrete piling, and other such materials to lower the carbon footprint of each project, and this was 15 years ago. The company has since developed more feasible solutions like its highly intuitive FPV systems large-scale solar park designs and offers 24/7 customer support that ensures a continuous generation of energy.

Striving for A Carbon-Neutral Future

R&L has, over such an impressive period, bolstered its solutioning capabilities and possesses an unsurmountable level of experience and insight in the field. “The currency of the future is not in the dollar but in a country’s CO2 savings,” states Rosenkranz, speaking from his perspective as a photovoltaic engineer. With that ethos in mind, R&L never emphasized revenue generation alone. The management’s priorities always revolved around recruiting like-minded, experienced individuals and delivering sustainable solutions. Interestingly, this notion followed by R&L over a decade ago is being implemented in the product development practices of many organizations today. Choosing sustainability over revenue generation is quickly becoming the norm.

To further elucidate the company’s ability to design and manufacture solar solutions based on a client’s specific requests, the co-founder shares his experience working with his clientele in Japan. It is well-known that the Japanese are very disciplined businessmen and loyal customers. Thus, earning their trust does not come easy. R&L, however, has successfully met the high expectations of this demographic with its EPC and O&M prowess. Making the best use of available land, the company is in the process of carrying out numerous installations of solar fences across rice paddy fields in practice dubbed agricultural solar sharing (Agri-PV). The architecture of the setup uses bifacial solar panels and is incredibly intuitive, causing absolutely no interference with the agricultural operation of those working on the land. It promises to increase the farmers’ revenue and addresses issues concerning the aging farmer population, lack of successors, and the need for green energy.

Paving the Way for a Cleaner, Greener Future

With such a robust and passionate approach toward generating clean, green solar energy sources, R&L is at the forefront of innovation in the current race for improved sustainability. The company, moving forward, intends to leave no room for doubt when it comes to adopting solar power by developing battery and energy storage solutions, all while reducing the costs associated with each project. R&L seeks to provide self-consumption solutions like charging stations for EVs across Japan, tailored for multiple use cases like hospitals, shopping centers, airports, and highways. It also provides the same robust solutions to the fastgrowing sustainable energy demands of the Taiwanese, Australian, and German markets.
  • We achieve our results continuously delivering our promises and carefully listen to our customers requests and inquiries, tailoring sustainable solutions

R&L additionally intends to play a large part in ensuring that solar energy will not remain a standalone entity; there will be a combination of solar power generators and battery technology that will provide 24 hours of continuous energy. Through innovative technologies, solar and wind energies will become the key areas of focus in the green hyperchain that will soon materialize— and R&L expects to be in the center of this revolution. Its corporate philosophy and vision, just like the sun, transcends all borders and looks far into the future to ensure that future generations can enjoy the gifts of the planet as realistically and simplistically as possible.