John Hrudicka, Owner and CEO, ReNew Solar SolutionsJohn Hrudicka, Owner and CEO
In a world where climate change treaties play a crucial role in international relations and automobile giants are coming up with tear-jerking commercials supporting sustainability, the solar panel is rising as one of the grand pillars of sustainable technology. With the U.S. heavily inclined toward prioritizing climate change in the recent past, there has been a huge uptick in the adoption of carbon-neutral initiatives by commercial businesses. However, hurdles remain in the effective implementation of solar energy initiatives. Solar project developers find it challenging to find competent EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) partners to facilitate solar power projects without any hassle. The market is replete with contractors eying for quick bucks and increasingly misleading solar project developers. Their jazzy sales presentations are not really amounting to quality solutions.
Amid this scenario, Tennessee-based ReNew Solar Solutions is rising as the top-choice partner to provide best-in-class solar solutions to solar project developers across commercial and residential sectors alike.

Upholding a culture of excellence, the company’s core belief lies in “doing things the right way” and never cutting corners even at the cost of sacrificing profit. “With integrity and transparency at the heart of our operations, we have become the go-to EPC partner for the topmost developers, delivering sterling solar solutions backed by future-proof technologies,” states John Hrudicka, Owner and CEO of ReNew Solar Solutions.
The company offers bi-facial solar panels that produce more solar energy at a barely higher installation cost and produces energy from both the top and the bottom, unlike traditional panels that only produce energy from the top. Bi-facial panels, being heavier in size, are mostly installed in the commercial sector. The company also has its footing in the residential sector designing highly specialized batteries tailor-made to every customer’s requirement.

Where most solar contractors across the market offer one-size-fits-all batteries, ReNew Solar Solutions always uses Aurora Solar, the very best residential solar design tool on the market for distributed solar power storage, and designs the battery according to each developer’s unique requirements. Investing in all the essential knowledge and the required proficiency, Renew Solar Solutions is becoming certified in all the leading battery technologies—in not just the residential space but commercial as well.

At the same time, Hrudicka believes that being a former CFO in some of the largest billion-dollar organizations, his expansive industry knowledge in heading strategy management offices should be put to use at its best.his is exactly why ReNew Solar Solutions always has a licensed general contractor by their side, which helps the company gain nuanced insights on so many facets of solar solutions that any run-of-the-mill solar panel contractors fail to identify.

With integrity and transparency at the core of our operations, we have become the desired EPC partners for the topmost developers, delivering sterling solar solutions backed by future-proof technologies

Other than their roster of impeccable solutions, what sets ReNew Solar Solutions apart is their business stance. The company is an advocate of long-term strategies where they enter into long-standing collaborations with their customers—gaining an in-depth insight about their infrastructure. This is the reason the company develops tailor-made solutions only after on-site monitoring of their customers’ properties. Alongside, ReNew Solar Solutions also provides a lifetime craftsmanship warranty to its customers and never charges a service fee. “We install the system in the most appropriate manner using only the best technology and equipment to earn our customer’s business ‘before, during, and after’ installation. This is how we can offer a lifetime craftsmanship warranty, whereas most in the industry provide a one-year warranty,” explains Hrudicka.

Looking back in time through countless testaments of ReNew Solar Solution’s unrivaled craftsmanship and collaborative approach, Hrudicka recalls an instance when a customer was struggling to install solar panels on their barn. When ReNew Solar Solutions stepped in, as opposed to just presenting a predetermined plan for a regular solar panel installation, the team took a tour around the customer’s property to check if the barn could hold the weight of the typically heavy bi-facial panels. Only after being convinced of all the characteristics of the customer’s barn did ReNew Solar Solutions come up with the perfect plan that met all the desired goals of their customer to perfectly install the solar panels.

Building upon the tenets of honesty, integrity, and transparency, the company’s roadmap looks quite promising as they build on their reputation to be the most trusted solar solution provider in the market. Benefitting from the relationships built with developers over the past 12 to 14 months, ReNew Solar Solutions is set to expand its presence into the Midwest and Southeast America while acquiring new licensures and projects across other locations.

The company has recently bagged a new project to install a 2.3-megawatt solar panel infrastructure in Arizona. Moreover, owing to their integrity-driven approach, solar project developers increasingly want to partner with them in different states throughout the country. “We have some grand plans on the anvil but none of them are about raking more money. They all apply to our one true purpose—'delivering solar solutions the right way’,” concludes Hrudicka.