John Hrudicka, CEO, ReNew Solar SolutionsJohn Hrudicka, CEO
The U.S. was ranked 24th in Ernst & Young’s 2020 environmental performance index, driving the nation to increase the adoption of innovative solar products. Businesses and homeowners now rely on solar power instead of conventional power grids, stimulating breakthrough innovations in the solar energy space. However, the limited availability of advantageous net metering systems and sell-back programs make it challenging for homeowners and businesses to cost-effectively and positively contribute to the environment.

Simplifying the complexities of deploying and efficiently using solar power with its wide-ranging industry know-how and technical expertise is ReNew Solar Solutions. Its portfolio comprises “state of the art” racking solutions, solar panels, inverters, battery backup & storage, backup, and installation services geared to deliver holistic, cost-effective, and sustainable solar solutions. ReNew Solar Solutions is a North American board of certified energy practitioners (NABCEP) accredited company with a self-consumption solar program that integrates battery backup and storage to lower power bill and achieve energy independence that has become the primary motivator for customers.

Licensed in 17 states and headquartered in Tennessee, ReNew Solar Solutions has strong partnerships with solar developers as well as residential and commercial organizations. The same “secret sauce” of combining transparency, integrity, and accountability has enabled its success for both commercial and residential.

ReNew Solar Solutions provides an industry best lifetime craftsmanship warranty, while most solar companies provide just one year. ReNew Solar Solutions claims that providing a lifetime craftsmanship warranty must be supported by providing the best and being the best. Amidst a great deal of popularity and demand for solar, homeowners and businesses are excited to become energy independent, but as ReNew is quick to point out, equally important is the company that stands behind the system after the last check is written. Many companies are chasing the solar market’s growth, but not many are doing it the right way. Case in point, Pink Energy, one of the largest national solar contractors, just closed their doors with over 1400 complaints on Better Business Bureau. ReNew Solar Solutions does it the “right way,” and maintains a perfect five-star Google rating with zero BBB complaints, which is almost unheard of in the industry.

There are three pillars for providing this “peace of mind” and confidence to their customers: 1) using the very best, most sophisticated design technology that ensures accurate energy offset projections; 2) leveraging the best equipment and technology available; 3) installing them in the right way utilizing company employed crews. But mostly, the insistence and commitment to do it the “right way” is driven by its company culture and tagline, “we treat you the way we want to be treated .” This means ReNew treats every solar investment as a personal project.

ReNew Solar Solutions strives to provide a more holistic, leading-edge solution for its customers. It does not want to be the partner that slings up racking and panels. The company utilizes a host of advanced technology, the most powerful/efficient inverter on the market in Sol-Ark, HomeGrid batteries using the leading edge “lithium iron phosphate” battery chemistry (safer, more stable, and durable vs. lithium-ion), and the best residential solar panel on the market in Solaria. ReNew Solar Solutions wraps its solution system with the “state of the art” Savant Power Panel that manages load shedding across energy sources employing AI technology. It also includes electromagnetic pulse (EMP) shields with solutions that protect against EMP strikes and lightning surges.

“While most solar contractors steer away from off-grid design & installations due to their complexity, ReNew Solar Solutions embraces it, as we have a passion for providing clients with complete energy independence,” says John Hrudicka, CEO of ReNew Solar Solutions.

If you want to go completely off-grid, ReNew Solar Solutions is the company for you. In fact, ReNew Solar Solutions was featured on the Discovery Channel show “Building off the Grid” for designing a completely off-grid, ground-mount system off a cliff-side in Altamont, TN.

ReNew Solar Solutions goes “above and beyond” as they install their roof-mount systems, unlike any other solar contractor. Its Solaria solar module is black on black with no visible circuitry or busbar lines and looks like a sheet of black glass or frame. This panel also has the best warranty in the industry, with 30-year product and performance. The roof mount systems are installed with a low-profile racking that brings the panel closer to the roof, attaching a black skirt on the front of the panel array to hide the racking and create a plush roof appearance. It uses a black mesh critter guard on the sides and back of the array to protect the system underneath from leaves, squirrels, and birds, eliminating outages caused by electrical damage while providing the ventilation necessary for consistent power generation.

“We don’t know of anybody else delivering the very best in aesthetics, protection, and warranty in the manner that we do to optimize the value of our customer’s investment,” says Hrudicka.

We are a purpose-driven company, as we want to make a positive impact on the environment one home, one business at a time

Recently, ReNew Solar Solutions partnered with a company called Pearl Certification, a home “energy efficiency” certification company that certifies installed systems and appraises energy efficiency features or equipment in homes. Pearl will certify all of ReNew Solar Solutions’ residential systems after installation and appraises the incremental value added to the home from solar. The certification company delivers a detailed and professional appraisal backed by the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Star, NAR-National Association for Realtors, and the Appraisal Institute. The foundation of the Pearl Certification business model is to only work with the highest quality contractors. It works with less than five percent of all solar contractors nationwide and is proud to include ReNew Solar Solutions in that list.

Aiming to solve structural or constructional challenges and communication gaps with engineering companies, ReNew Solar Solutions has a licensed commercial general contractor on staff that bolsters transparency and clarity when navigating equipment integration with construction. The company intends to ensure code compliance, safety, and the best solution for both their commercial and residential customers. Nothing gets lost in translation from ReNew Solar Solutions with the engineering firm, codes department, and utility, which can occur with many other solar companies.

ReNew Solar Solutions designs and installs solar technology with a result-oriented approach and creates technology-infused solar solutions that future-proof their clients. Looking ahead, the company understands the significant growth driven by its strengthening brand and incentive legislation. The firm vows to stay long-term, never sacrifice quality to chase profit, and strive to continue bringing a more gratifying, holistic experience beyond the mere equipment & technology it designs and installs.