Mark Houston, Managing Director Renewables and Kelly Knee, Executive Director Ocean Science, RPS GroupMark Houston, Managing Director Renewables and Kelly Knee, Executive Director Ocean Science
Renewable energy is crucial to mitigate the potentially devastating effects of climate change and conserve the environment for future generations. With renewable energy resources becoming more prominent, the energy sector is on the verge of substantial transformation. UK-based RPS Group has dedicated itself to facilitate this transformation through its innovative technology solutions. RPS Group is a renowned global professional services organization focused on creating shared value by solving problems that matter to a complex, urbanizing and resource-scarce world.

The company has extensive experience in supporting offshore wind developers, enabling them to achieve their complex development goals by delivering pragmatic solutions. Having started its journey as a private environmental consultancy back in the late seventies, RPS Group has evolved significantly over time. The company has deep expertise having addressed the needs of the oil and gas industry since the 90s, it has also been supporting offshore wind since its inception, utilizing its existing capabilities. The offshore wind industry has always been receptive to innovation and technological solutions. The team at RPS Group has made the most of this trend, introducing an entire suite of services to help with everything ranging from identifying environmental permitting risks, providing permitting advisory and due diligence support, assessment and analyzing of ground conditions and metocean forecasting. “We are well positioned in the industry to help our clients with how to collect, use, and manage their data more efficiently to execute their projects,” addsMark Houston, managing director – renewables at RPS Group.

The company holds extensive experience and an excellent track record in gathering accurate data using the met ocean floating LiDAR buoys developed in-house, a task that was traditionally performed using met masts. “We have successfully deployed our LiDAR buoys to support a number of projects in the United States, including a new deployment that will take place shortly,” adds Houston. The company even played a small role in developing the first commercial offshore wind farm in the US, which the team is particularly proud of. One of the key offerings in the company’s portfolio is OceansMap. It’s a cloud-based meteorological and oceanographic data visualization platform, which combines the data and tools to facilitate collaboration between all the stakeholders working offshore. “OceansMap is designed specifically to address the challenges of working offshore and dealing with all the complex data, which plays a crucial role in making decisions about working offshore. It allows developers to access, visualize, and interpret the whole range of environmental data theyneed for decision-making,” remarks Kelly Knee, Executive Director, Ocean Science.

Not only that, the company has also developed other tools for advanced data analysis and data and model validation functions that are integrated with OceansMap, allowing the offshore wind developers and contractors to make the right decisions.

OceansMap is designed specifically to address the challenges of working offshore and dealing with all the complex data, which plays a crucial role in making decisions about working offshore

RPS Group’s solutions and technologies are developed to assist its clients throughout the asset lifecycle. The company gives clients access to a wide range of meteorological and oceanographic forecasts and predictions that prove critical for their projects. In Kelly’s view, there is no other company in the industry that can handle all aspects of data collection, management, display, and analysis. She adds, “In global operations, we are different from other firms that do forecasting because we provide a full suite of services and solutions across the asset lifecycle. We know how to work with data, and we collaborate effectively from afar.” In each of its projects, the team at RPS Group develops an understanding of the challenges likely to be encountered by their clients during different phases. Also, the team gets involved right at the initial stage of the project’s commencement to support clients as they define their strategies and further assist them through the development and approval phases. Mark adds, “A lot of the work we have done in recent years has focused on how we can support our clients all the way through the asset lifecycle. Rather than being focused on a specific service, we partner with our clients as their projects progress, ensuring they have the support they need every step of the way.

From the beginning, technology has underpinned RPS Group’s operations. With a long history of developing proprietary technology to address its clients’ needs in ocean environments, RPS Group has come a long way in the renewable energy landscape. The company further seeks to employ its technologies in areas such as carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and sequestration (CCS). It aims to attain organic growth by investing heavily in the industry at a rapid pace. “We strive to add value to the lives of people, our clients and investors. We are investigating low-carbon industries and as the market grows and we intend to grow alongside it,” concludes Mark.