Bill Beasley, Manager of Automated Directional Drilling Services, Scientific Drilling InternationalBill Beasley, Manager of Automated Directional Drilling Services
Considered to be one of the most unfortunate industrial disasters in the history of the U.S., the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 had cost innumerable human and aquatic life. Upon investigation, it was found that the explosion that led to the spill was caused by a flaw in the oil rig’s protective cement casing around its drilling site.

Deepwater Horizon’s accident was a wake-up call to all oil and gas (O&G) professionals, reminding them of the many risks that exist for every partaker in the energy realm across the globe. As a response to this, the O&G industry saw an urgent need for technology experts that can offer effective risk management and implement profitable and yet safe drilling practices. One such maven, operating since 1969, is Texas-based Scientific Drilling International (SDI). The company offers comprehensive wellbore navigation technologies and automated directional drilling services with the utmost passion for safety.

Since SDI’s inception, offering ‘safety’ has always been one of its core values. Over the years, SDI has created numerous drilling solutions for the oil and gas industry to help them keep up with the rapidly evolving world of technology and automation. In line with the company’s long history of working with research and engineering experts, SDI’s R&D team has vast expertise in areas such as data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation. “We place a great emphasis on staying abreast of various technological advancements to deliver a wide array of drilling solutions for global oil and gas industry,” states Bill Beasley, manager of automated directional drilling services, SDI.

That being said, Beasley also points out that the current changes in the oil field industry have been substantial; the multitudes of technologies developed for modern-day drilling have paved the way for new levels of speed and affordability. On account of these needs, the company accordingly offers products ranging from high angle rotary steerable systems to steerable mud motors, extensive logging-while-drilling, geosteering, and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems.

Over the years, SDI has created numerous drilling solutions for the oil and gas industry to help them keep up with the rapidly evolving world of technology and automation

Moreover, with an in-house team of highly qualified designers, engineers, and manufacturers, SDI has developed a holistic wellbore surveying system that caters to safety-critical activities of both onshore and offshore wellbore designs. “Our real-time surveys help streamline the positioning of wellbores, which also prioritize risk mitigation throughout the drilling process,” expresses Beasley.

Recently, SDI has engineered a series of automated directional drilling solutions that promise continuous and real-time data transfer with the added bonus of remote control features, allowing users to supervise their respective wells from miles away. “With the help of our automated electronic data recording (EDR) systems, for instance, the need for manually calculating data from an oil rig is completely eliminated,” explains Beasley. All the relevant field data and structural information is ported to a user’s computer, or any other handheld device, in real-time. The solution provides a consistent flow of statistical reports and updates about an oil rig, increasing the overall safety for MWD personnel on the rig site as the drilling system can be controlled remotely.

With such intuitive features– developed by the company over five long and eventful decades—SDI intends to continue delivering the most effective, safe, and affordable drilling solutions. “Moving forward, we will be concentrating our efforts toward automated directional drilling and more efficient remote control services,” adds Beasley. SDI views this development as a strong enabler in breaking barriers throughout the oil and gas industry. Displaying such visionary thoughts, SDI rightly justifies the banner of being the “ultimate partner in wellbore placement.”