Drones have permeated into almost every sphere today, apart from being a cornerstone of quick pizza delivery. Civic bodies have adopted a drone-powered urban governance approach which gives the authorities a bird’s eye view of cities and helps identify areas demanding attention at the earliest. Similarly, many organizations these days prefer drones to inspect their facilities since they gather a lot of data as compared to the conventional surveillance methods such as personnel treading around the premises and employment of helicopters. “The key challenge of drone adoption is that large amounts of data are amassed by these gadgets, and their management could prove to be a daunting task for most CIOs. Our aim is to help organizations derive actionable insights from these large data volumes and help them garner significantly high returns,” says Ken Falk, CEO, Scopito. The industry veteran adds that relying on traditional hard drives for the archival and retrieval of a large number of images could be impractical. Thus, a holistic solution that scales seamlessly to accommodate exponential data growth is optimal in the current climate. Driven by the motto ‘The Future of Visual Inspections,’ Scopito’s flagship solution helps client organizations in two ways; first, at the operational level-to store, analyze and share many images and thus, manage large amounts of data effortlessly. And second, at the strategic level–where the data is utilized for prioritization of maintenance resources, critical fault prevention, compliance and general risk assessment.

Over the past few years, Scopito has imparted its assistance in power line inspection and created simplified yet effective workflows for some of Denmark’s biggest energy transmission & distribution companies. Apart from power line companies, the organization also addresses the concerns of wind turbine and solar power plant maintenance through drone inspection. The Scopito platform, which facilitates a large number of image uploads, processing, analysis, creation of reports and sharing inspection results, is also highly customizable to align with client organizational goals. The Scopito tool is embedded with annotations that help identify the risk areas in assets that demand immediate action.
The drone inspection solution provider recommends exclusive cloud models to its clients to manage data growth efficiently. However, the organization also facilitates hosting its platform effortlessly on its client’s private servers if necessary.

The Scopito drone inspection solution helps analyze new data that’s far more accurate than those collected by traditional inspection methods and can the client organization’s existing repository. Falk also cites an example to help understand this advantage of adopting his organization’s solutions. The positions of power line pylons could be captured accurately during drone inspections and replace the relatively inaccurate previous coordinates.

Scopito believes in offering futuristic solutions that help its clients get actionable insight, rather than developing a project that may turn obsolete before it has been completed. The advantage of collaborating with Scopito is that its holistic solution helps organizations prioritize their maintenance budgets and identify areas of their business where investment is vital. Thus, prioritization helps prevent an exorbitant expenditure, and this predictive analysis capability has steered Scopito ahead of its competitors.

To amplify the capabilities of its clients further, Scopito is exploiting the benefits of trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) too. Falk opines that AI, coupled with human intelligence, must help optimize current inspections. In addition, the organization also aims to harness the benefits of computer vision and machine learning technologies to accomplish proficiency in image analysis.

After earning the trusts of several reputed organizations across Europe, Scopito is now making strides in expanding across the United States. “From a mere software provider during its early days, Scopito has transitioned to become a trusted business advisor too, helping clients end their data management woes. In the days to come, we want to harness the benefits of ERP software engineered by reputed organizations such as SAP to cater to our clients better,” concludes Falk.