Human error and legacy systems produce unsatisfactory results at the oil field, thereby reducing the productivity. The digitalization of oil fields can help on-site professionals to collect and analyze data generated by complex engineering technologies like down-hole multiphase sensors and separation, Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) applications. SEE Forge, a Texas-based software company delivers a customizable platform that empowers employees with a step by step method to capture clean business data from every node of the oil field. “We noticed a huge problem in operations. Everything on-site is still done by paper or complex backend systems,” begins James McDonough, Founder and CEO, SEE Forge. “We found that we could make this process mobile, and now we have a huge customer demand knocking at our door.”

FAT FINGER, an application builder delivered by SEE Forge, is a complete end-to-end solution that includes a hosted database, workflow, real-time dashboards, and system connectors. It provides an intuitive, drag and drop interface for converting ideas to applications and relieves the customer from the burden of application coding. “Think of it as a table where a client can say I do a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or a safety observation or an incident form from a safety standpoint and I also do a rig move checklist or a pump around or some other kind of operational documented process. We can do all of that from one app,” explains McDonough.

The applications built with FAT FINGER collects rich quality data on any device including offline mobile and desktop smart applications. “If you think from what happens after a spill or an incident of any type, whether it’s a maintenance item or a safety item, they have a standard work capture on ‘what happened, who did it, the time’ and much more. We capture that with photos and GPS location, and follow the customized form or app for what the company wants, and then we automate the process end-to-end,” elucidates McDonough. The platform provides automated real-time dashboards delivering effortless and reliable information on-demand for better and faster data-driven decisions.

We’re focused on making the oil field more efficient and allowing companies to command and control their operations to better overall

“We’re focused on making the oil field more efficient and allowing companies to command and control their operations to better overall,” says McDonough. FAT FINGER also features an Enterprise Connector that allows organizations to plug in their own systems or SAP, Oracle, SharePoint, and push and pull data to its destination. The application provides a single platform to connect, clean, and unite multiple backend systems together. FAT FINGER also features Production & Pumper Rounds or Procedures, an easy and efficient way to ensure data collection for oil and gas pumpers and production teams. This relieves the organization in oil and gas industry to collect data manually from the paper-based forms that formerly was the root cause of critical mistakes and high operational costs.

In the years to come, SEE Forge is planning to invest on innovating and modifying its solutions for expanding their customer base. On the other hand, to achieve success in the business, the CEO focuses on the significance of his team for the betterment of the company. “Personally, I will feel successful when my team is more committed than I am and are building and growing SEE Forge faster and better than I can,” concludes McDonough.