Sustainability has undoubtedly taken the top spot among organizations’ priorities across the globe in recent years. They are no longer confined to the present and are focussing on investing in the future too. With the talk of climate change and other environmental factors taking center stage, organizations across almost all sectors are taking the necessary steps to monitor their energy consumption and carbon footprints. Businesses today are more conscious than ever to step up and adopt solutions that can help them achieve net-zero status.

The need for such solutions led to the inception of Simble a company that is driven by a mission to build a sustainable world, one sustainable business at a time. Simble offers a SaaS-based energy intelligence platform, SimbleSense, and associated apps that helps businesses measure, monitor and optimize their energy use which ultimately enables those businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. SimbleSense provides access to granular energy data that allows businesses to understand their energy profile better and identify areas for energy savings or energy efficiencies. It appropriately fulfills the glaring need for ways to move to renewable, decentralized energy systems and the information that helps understand how to move to that new environment. SimbleSense processes complex energy usage and generation information and then makes it available for end users to understand, providing insights to all including the all important financial insights on costs and trends.
The company makes this solution available to businesses through its channel partner network which consists of energy retailers, energy brokers, LED lighting companies, solar energy providers, and energy consultants, who white label it and offer it to their clients. “This approach allows our partners to extend the conversation with their customers and engage them with technology. It allows our partners to broaden their scope of offering to their customers and become a trusted advisor on all things energy. We believe we have quite a unique offering in this space and none of our competitors match that,” explains Fadi Geha, the Founder, and Executive Director at Simble Solutions.

SimbleSense provides access to granular energy data that allows businesses to understand their energy profile better and identify areas for energy savings

Another key solution in Simble’s arsenal is CarbonView, an enterprise carbon management platform, which was first introduced in 2009 to address the needs of Australian companies that were starting to look for better ways to measure and report their carbon emissions. Since then, CarbonView has enabled companies, large and small who want to start the journey to net-zero by helping them measure and manage the process of achieving that. It is used by businesses to simplify and automate their carbon emissions reporting process. As an increasing number of companies work towards attaining the net-zero status, they have a need to disclose their net-zero target and then report on how they plan to make that possible. “We aim to simplify and demystify the carbon emissions journey that small to large businesses need to undertake when they first hear about Net Zero or Carbon Neutral,” adds Geha.
Reduction in carbon emissions is driven by a fall in energy usage and associated energy costs, and Simble Solutions’ platforms makes that possible for its clients, allowing them to achieve a measurable ROI and a more sustainable future. A recent case study documented how one of Simble’s channel partners utilized the SimbleSense platform to help their customer gain a better understanding of the energy consumption patterns in their warehouse. They realized that a significant amount of energy was being used at peak electricity rates for charging the forklifts. Through the automated rules engine and IOT control capability in the SimbleSense platform, the partner implemented a shift in energy demand to a late evening timeslot with lower electricity rates. “A significant reduction in energy cost was achieved for the same amount of energy usage. In this scenario, no change of behavior was enacted but they still got the outcome they wanted; the forklifts were still charged and ready for the next day,” elaborates Geha.

This is just one of the many instances where Simble and its partners have delivered amazing outcomes to 150+ businesses across 100s of sites globally helping them realize their vision to be sustainable. In the same way, Simble envisions democratizing the carbon reporting process so that any company, regardless of its size, will be able to undertake simplified yet robust carbon reporting. “We believe this will be a significant driver of growth in the number of end customers for the overall Simble business,” Geha adds.