Today, industries are in a constant state of transition and the once stable electric utility industry is no exception. The consumer is “savvier” than before and as the competitive landscape grows, users demand more. Responding to the customer-centric shift, companies are recognizing that they need to adapt quickly to accommodate these demands.

That’s where SimpTek Technologies comes in. Founded in 2014, SimpTek is a technology company that works with utilities, consumers and property owners to provide intelligent power management solutions. They are all about building relationships with customers that deliver results.

“After about a century of doing things largely the same way, we believe the utility industry is rapidly transitioning from moving electrons to consumer-aware, value-added services,” explains Asif Hasan, CEO of SimpTek. “That represents a big change for many utilities. They need to take a new approach, establishing more robust relationships with customers and providing the level of contact and service consumers are quickly growing to expect.”

Housed on-site or in the cloud, the SimpTek platform and dashboard use big data analytics to create a bridge that enhances customer engagement and uncovers new insights on energy consumption.

With SimpTek, utilities can provide homeowners with a better understanding of their energy consumption through the Nebo dashboard, a “personal energy savings coach.” That opens up a direct line of communication with a utility’s customer and provides accurate data on customer energy usage that can be used throughout the utility business, from the C-Suite to demand side management to customer service. The same services are also available for property managers, helping them understand energy consumption patterns and providing the data need to make better decisions on upgrades.

Then there is the SimpTek marketplace. It offers a range of product and services aimed at helping utilities, property managers, and consumers take direct action to change the way they consume electricity.

The ultimate goal is to improve efficiencies by making energy saving an effortless process

One of SimpTek’s earliest customers was New Brunswick Power where they focused on what drove customer value. “We noticed there were a number of islands of technology in most utilities that prevented a customer service representative from having customer intelligence to be used for first call resolution,” noted Hasan.

To address this, they developed the tools to work with other billing and provisioning platforms. “When these tools are implemented with SimpTek’s insights, the outcome was an end-to-end view of the customer’s experience,” says Hasan. “Customers get a much better understanding of their energy usage and utilities can provide individualized recommendations on how to improve performance that customers will appreciate.”

With these tools creating a strong data stream, a utility can develop highly targeted energy programs.. “We focus on putting the most relevant offers in front of the highest return customers,” says Hasan. “We are working with a number of utilities and property owners to increase the use of value-added products.”

Since many utilities are just learning the importance of engaging consumers, “having actionable feedback to the product development teams can create a real competitive advantage,” notes Hasan. “The ultimate goal is to improve efficiencies by making energy saving an effortless process.”