Scott Lee, Chief Revenue Officer and Yingchao Zhang, PhD, Head of Global Solutioning, Singularity SystemsScott Lee, Chief Revenue Officer and Yingchao Zhang, PhD, Head of Global Solutioning
The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), increasingly robust data, analytics, and automation technologies is redefining how people work and live. The oil & gas business is in dire need of transformation.

As new technologies are developed and deployed into daily operations, oil & gas companies will need to better access, understand, and analyze the data generated by these assets. This is where Princeton, NJ-based Singularity Systems makes a mark with their unique AI-based platform, SinguAI. The platform provides the oil & gas businesses the fuel for automating tasks by making unstructured data ready for digital consumption and automated processing. As data continually evolves, SinguAI constantly self-learns to drive accuracy and places the customers at the center of the AI revolution. It allows business users to build sophisticated natural language and computer vision-based machine learning models with an intuitive browser interface without coding. “Our AI- based platform uses new game-changing technologies to revolutionize document processing – converting raw data into useful machine-readable format,” remarks Scott Lee, Chief Revenue Officer at Singularity Systems

Singularity Systems’ journey began when the founding team—a group of top leaders in the automation space—witnessed a gap in the market concerning document processing. The company addressed this gap as the last mile challenge to automate and digitize unstructured and semi-structured data using their AI-based platform. Since its’ inception, the company’s focus has been on finding and solving the oil & gas and energy sectors’ most challenging use cases.

The energy sector is consistently evolving in technology adoption as it has been widely underserved from an automation standpoint. Furthermore, the use cases in the energy sector are fairly complex and need to be addressed with industry expertise. The company identifies such use cases with their partner, Midstream Process Solutions, which focuses on process improvements to meet clients’ requirements. Midstream Process Solutions helps address some of the toughest use cases in the energy sector, with over a hundred years of combined experience in servicing both large and small oil and gas enterprises. “Midstream Process Solutions had been looking for a suitable technology partner until they came across Singularity Systems. We had also been searching for an appropriate business partner in the oil and gas industry with an in-depth understanding of the use cases,” says Dr. Yingchao Zhang, Head of Global Solutioning at Singularity Systems. While Midstream Process Solutions brings extensive experience in implementing process improvements for the energy businesses, Singularity Systems is specialized in technology, including AI-based document processing. This association gives the companies the ability to address any customer need.
Currently, Midstream Process Solutions is specifically focusing on construction documentation. The company helps businesses in the oil and gas industry digitize documents, offering stakeholders real-time insights into their processes and identifying potential issues before they become extremely cost-prohibitive. “Using Singularity’s advanced technology, we extract KPIs and provide comprehensive reports demonstrating the value of businesses, and their assets,” adds Bryce Bjornvick, Founder at Midstream Process Solutions.

  • Our AI-based platform uses new game-changing technologies to revolutionize document processing – converting raw data into useful machine-readable format.

Singularity Systems works with companies across a broad spectrum of industries in the US to help them use AI to efficiently leverage data in real-time. Singularity Systems has a significant presence in North America and the APAC region. It is one of the few Intelligent Document Processing companies with a dual presence in the US and the rest of Asia Pacific, which has powered the growth Singularity Systems since its inception.

Singularity Systems and Midstream Process Solutions are currently working with the largest independent gas processor in New Mexico. This association began in June last year when Singularity Systems processed their documents for compressor station sites and was consequently able to assess how the client was functioning. Midstream Process Solutions also helped the client design a new construction specification to eliminate the challenges and streamline operations.

Going forward, the company’s mission is to uncover and solve complex use cases and help customers keep pace with their competitors by embracing technologies such as machine learning and deep learning.