It is three in the morning as a pensive Donald Jacobs, the CEO of Skycasters joins a client on call from Florida. After much strife, Jacobs along with his fellow on-site associate was still clearly perplexed on how to repair the internet system. “The reason why they had called us was that one of the primary fibers of the client was cut by a backhoe, and we needed to get the system up and running,” says Jacobs. “But, it was taking too long for our standards, and I was curious as to what the problem was, and why was the system not up yet.” After deliberating with his associate, Jacobs discovers that the obstacle for Skycasters in mitigating the predicament was a 'bad modem'.

What happens next is something nobody expected. Jacobs, on understanding the problem, runs to his office to pick up a working modem and boards a plane to Miami with it. Collaborating with his associate, he places the modem, which gets the system running again. The client is, of course, ecstatic about the service which Jacobs and his company, Skycasters had provided, but they are more appalled than anything. “Companies don't do this,” they state while they stare surprisingly at Jacobs' face. “Well,” a modest Jacobs answers, “You have been our customer for eight years now, and when you mentioned that one of your locations is down, I just wanted to make it right.”

This is one of the many examples of Skycasters' prowess. Over the years, the company has gained its reputation by delivering business-grade satellite internet and support services in ways no other vendor can match.

By offering broadband and satellite internet access with a focus on the edge, redundancy, and high security, Skycasters has become one of the leaders in business broadband satellite Internet solutions. “We work hard to make things happen because we realize that time is money and productivity is king,” mentions Jacobs. Skycasters’ satellite Internet link is the perfect backup Internet plan for a terrestrial solution, which can sometimes prove unreliable or be disrupted by anything from natural disasters to nearby construction. Jacobs informs, “Our satellite Internet also has proven to be a reliable solution for businesses in remote locations where terrestrial connections are unavailable.”

Exploring the Oil and Gas Arena

Skycasters offers broadband and satellite internet access. For remote businesses, such as the oil, gas, and mining industries, having secure and reliable communications is a necessity. “When an internet connection fails, remote businesses can lose significant amounts of money quickly.

With locations constantly changing and conditions, often challenging, land-based communications are not always reliable or practical. Even worse, when rig communications go down, so do profits,” says Jacobs. “That’s why Skycasters is committed to providing the oil, gas, and mining industries with seamless, reliable broadband satellite internet communication solutions that move with you to keep profits high and problems down.”

Our satellite Internet has proven to be a reliable solution for businesses in remote locations where terrestrial connections are unavailable

Skycasters’ speed, reliability and customer support have made the company a favorite in the oil and gas industry. “Often we’ll come across new customers in an emergency situation,” says Jacobs. “A customer might have had a connection go down in a remote area, and we help them get a satellite connection up on the same day or the next.” Skycasters’ specialty is providing this remote connectivity service with a high-security component that is unmatched throughout the industry.

When it comes to energy exploration, Skycasters helps organizations in connecting geologists and subject-matter experts from HQ or regional offices to rig sites with their VSAT solutions. The clients are enabled to monitor and analyze multiple drill sites simultaneously, without going or exploring each location on their own. They can also obtain the real-time streaming well data by making just a VoIP call, fax, and ultimately monitor SCADA systems by using Skycasters' secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and private networks. The systems provide a high-level of encryption that can satisfy even the most security-conscious federal agencies and regulations.

Converged Internet Services, Delivered Seamlessly

Skycasters Converged Wireless Internet (CWi) is the company’s most popular service. Jacobs informs, "Skycasters Converged Wireless Internet gives businesses a unified satellite and LTE service backed by 24-hour monitoring and management.” The private secure network guarantees privacy and security using VPN tunnels. CWi allows for satellite and LTE connections to be in use at the same time, and for application-specific routing between the two connections. The customer also has the option for unsecured public internet connectivity through LTE or a satellite connection. From either connection, they can have a private VPN tunnel to their corporate network or to the cloud, or they can have open access to the internet. This system can be easily integrated into an SD-WAN type of service. If either connection fails, then the other can support all of the traffic, which allows remote businesses to maintain communications through their redundant connection. Through the CWi service, Skycasters combines the benefits of satellite AND cellular/LTE wireless internet services in one integrated, business-grade solution and offers this superior dual connectivity solution at an affordable price point for its customers. CWi pairs their iDirect satellite network platform with multiple industry-leading LTE cellular network providers to deliver a single, unified solution for critical connectivity. Jacobs mentions, “Our unique balancing technology allows the clients to use both connections at once, providing efficiencies that improve their wireless internet experience and ultimately their businesses."

The Skycasters Difference

Each remote business has its own unique connectivity needs. Skycasters does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, the company works directly with its customers to help them determine their actual connectivity needs and figure out which solution will work best for their specific situation. Some companies may need a consistent low data rate connection, while other companies may have sites that are regularly downloading and uploading significant amounts of data. These different service levels have various data costs. It is important to correctly identify the needs at each company location in order to accurately provide a cost-effective connectivity solution.

Recently, Skycasters worked with Silver Creek Midstream, an oil gathering and storage company based out of Texas and Wyoming. Silver Creek Midstream had purchased a piece of pipeline and needed to put up its own network. Due to compliance issues, the company required dual connectivity at multiple locations, and they needed the network up and running in 30 to 45 days. Skycasters went to all 18 sites and determined that the company could use some of the existing equipment and satellite components, which saved Silver Creek Midstream 50 percent on equipment costs and installation. Skycasters then established a new satellite network and installed LTE antennas at each site, along with the device that ensured redundant connectivity. Skycasters stands apart from the competition because the company does not oversubscribe their network and offers guaranteed speeds, while placing emphasis on customer service. Skycasters understands the importance of these connections, and when a problem arises, management responds immediately. This level of commitment to customer success has helped Skycasters build new customer relationships. Further, the company also provides narrowband solutions for oil and gas communications that are specifically designed to offer consistent download and upload speeds for SCADA and command and control operations. Skycasters' high tech data system seamlessly transitions from narrowband to broadband automatically—no switch to flip or additional calls to make.

"We work hard to make things happen because we realize that time is money and productivity is king"

Casting for the Sky

Having carved a niche for itself in the oil and gas landscape, the company seems poised for a spectacular future. The firm is focused on continuing to expand its connectivity offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of remote businesses. Skycasters plans to launch additional intelligent CWi products in the second quarter of 2019.

Skycasters already has six patents on the technology, which will greatly further improve efficiency while adding an additional layer of security to internet connections. Skycasters has proven to be extremely flexible and adaptable to the needs of their customers, and they are ready to meet the remote connectivity challenges of the future. Contact Skycasters and learn how they can assist your organization too.