Ashar Aziz, Executive Chairman & CEO, SkyElectricAshar Aziz, Executive Chairman & CEO
Imagine a solar-powered energy source that not only provides a continuous and reliable supply of electricity but does so at a lower cost. SkyElectric has not only imagined but fulfilled on such a dream of greener future, by creating a smart energy system that intelligently combines power from the energy grid, sun and lithium-ion batteries; supplying energy consistently irrespective of grid power faults and outages. What distinguishes SkyElectric from conventional solar systems is their capability of being cloud connected, which allows them to receive constant updates on solar, grid and load predictions in order to monitor, manage and adjust the customer’s overall energy consumption and storage to provide the lowest possible electricity bill and highest availability for power. “SkyElectric is offering the unique combination of cloud connectivity, intelligence, and storage in a distributed smart energy system that provides complete visibility and can be remotely managed," says Ashar Aziz, CEO and Executive Chairman of SkyElectric.

SkyElectric augments an unreliable grid with energy production and storage to provide uninterrupted power supply. There are two important building blocks that provide SkyElectric with such unique functionality. One is the Smart Energy Inverter that is cloud-connected and has embedded energy intelligence software. It utilizes solar, grid, and battery energy and manages loads to give out the cheapest source of energy. The system keeps a constant update on the tariff rates that enable the customers to reduce usage from the grid during peak hours while providing a continuous source of power through the battery. It also demonstrates any potential optimal energy moves through prediction of various energy resources by monitoring real-time weather data. Learning from the usage, the system functions as per the expected energy loads and the customized configuration; offering high availability at the lowest cost. It can be remotely monitored, and any faulty conditions can be rectified. Also, Smart Energy Inverter comes with Smart Energy Console, an intuitive touch screen to give users complete energy infrastructure visibility and control.
The other is the smart energy storage featuring lithium-ion battery pack that boasts a long life cycle and strong battery management at the cell level, resulting in robust energy management at the software level. In addition to this, the system offers the added advantage of being modular. For instance, by increasing the number of smart energy inverter units, the system can handle higher power loads, and with the addition of smart energy storage units, the system can acquire surplus storage capacity. Hence, the consumer can mix and match storage to power ratios as per their necessity.

SkyElectric is offering the unique combination of cloud connectivity, intelligence, and storage in a distributed smart energy system that provides complete visibility and can be remotely managed

The company offers a smartphone app that enables consumers to have complete visibility of the solar power production through a touch console. It displays net metering or feeding, in addition to energy stored and current power management plan in effect.

One key factor in maintaining such consistency in power supply is the network operations center (NOC) that remotely manages the equipment. This facilitates NOC to proactively fix any issue, and most of the time before the consumer notices it. “We provide a managed service, where even though the equipment is on your premise, it is being monitored and maintained by trained technical personnel who can be reached any time of the day,” adds Aziz.

SkyElectric possesses an architecture that is simple and intuitive, and its modern energy infrastructure has no competition in the market when all its offerings, including storage and intelligence, are taken into consideration. It can be asserted that it is the future in terms of providing a reliable supply of energy from a renewable source.