John H. Switzer, Co-founder and Managing Partner and David Spotts, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SMT EnergyJohn H. Switzer, Co-founder and Managing Partner and David Spotts, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
SMT Energy is a leading developer, owner, and operator of battery energy storage and community solar facilities throughout the United States. Under the strategic leadership of two industry veterans, John Switzer and David Spotts, SMT Energy has worked with institutional partners, independent power producers, sustainable infrastructure funds and other sustainable investors to develop large-scale renewable energy and energy storage projects.

SMT was one of the early players in the market to focus on front-of-the-meter battery energy storage with full merchant exposure.

“We are an A to Z energy storage and renewable energy developer—doing everything from acquiring land and conducting different studies, structured finance, procurement and construction,” says Switzer and Spotts, co-founders and managing partners of SMT.

In addition to being an owner-operator, SMT has transacted on approximately $100 MM worth of M&A deals in the past three years. Most notably, SMT transacted with Goldman Sachs Renewable Power (GSRP), where GSRP acquired approximately 55 megawatts (MW) of community solar facilities located in upstate New York.
The upstate NY community solar facilities consist of nine separate projects and will be operational in 2023. These projects will avoid the emission of more than 60,225 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

SMT is currently deploying battery energy storage assets at scale within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market, one of the fastest-growing markets for energy storage in the United States. SMT determined to focus on ERCOT right after the massive winter storm, URI, killed approximately 700 people due to a power outages. SMT’s projects help stabilize the ERCOT grid by identifying and finding solutions for grid resiliency. SMT identified constraints within the electrical grid and used that as part of its site selection process in regions within ERCOT.
  • Our mission is to reduce planet earth’s carbon footprint. SMT develops utility-scale renewable energy and energy storage projects helping to stabilize the electrical grid and providing renewable generation

SMT is a small team doing big deals. This sets the company apart from the other players as it allows for efficient development processes and swift transitions to new business models. SMT prefers to stay at the tip of the spear by being lean and rapidly pivoting as per the latest technology and clean energy infrastructure.

Moving forward, SMT Energy will continue to focus on scaling front-of-the-meter battery energy storage throughout the United States. In the medium-term, with the adaptation of new technologies, SMT will explore other strategic technologies to help build a net-zero energy future.