For long, the majority of firms across diverse industries approached energy as merely a cost to be managed. While that was a strategic mistake, energy today has swiftly climbed up the corporate agenda, marking its prominence as one of the drivers of competitive advantage in business. Energy storage plays a vital role in this trajectory, affecting the entire electricity value chain. Deemed as the missing link between intermittent renewable power and round the clock reliability, utilities are intrigued by its potential to relieve congestion and smoothing out variations in power. As organizations around the world race towards finding profitable possibilities for energy storage, Socomec—a medium-sized family-owned company—is committed to constant innovation to improve the energy performance of electrical installation in infrastructures as well as industrial and commercial sites.

Founded in 1922 in Eastern France, Socomec engineers and executes low-voltage solutions, equipment, and products, and provides turnkey autonomous micro-grid solutions. The company specializes in energy storage applications, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), switching, power management, and expert services. With revenue of €600M and housing over 3600 employees, Socomec is at the forefront of delivering a spectrum of energy storage applications. From grid quality enhancement and support, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and renewable energy efficiency to micro-grid for small cities and islands, and cost-energy saving applications, Socomec covers it all.

In addition to providing batteries and power monitoring systems—which comprise PCS protection and read connections—Socomec encompasses standard configurations for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) applications. “The energy storage business is composed of multiple components. In order to excel at delivering solutions, companies need to be well-versed with the components, and this is why we can offer numerous solutions for energy conversion and protection,” states Michel Krumenacker, Deputy CEO of Socomec. Backed by deep-level knowledge on various energy storage applications, and over five decades of experience in UPS and energy storage systems, Socomec develops comprehensive and autonomous micro-grid and resource management solutions.
Socomec’s uniqueness stems from its ability to provide autonomous micro-grid solutions with a micro-grid control module (MCM)—a real-time local energy management system—with a modular and customizable architecture. Clients can efficiently manage power flows across multiple grids, PVs, windmills, and gen-sets, besides embedding the MCM in their websites for remote monitoring of every system in their grids. Socomec goes the extra mile in implementing robust energy storage solutions by analyzing the clients’ requirements and defining a suitable procedure. Krumenacker adds, “Energy storage is the key to the future, and implementing the strategy of a specialist is crucial for us, be it in switching, power monitoring or power conversion.”

He continues, “Being a family-owned company, we are laser-focused on the medium and long-term business goals, which is not the case for companies on the stock market.” That being said, Socomec positions itself as a sustainable company with a service team of over 400 highly-skilled and motivated employees that deliver reliable PCS services and ensure a decade-long guarantee on the low-voltage equipment. The company’s efficiency in engineering low-voltage equipment took a literal form when a California-based firm approached Socomec to implement an economical energy storage solution. Socomec’s team worked closely with the client to build a global solution from the ground up—including batteries, power conversion, protection, and a power monitoring system. The team then adjusted the low-voltage products as per the client’s requirements. “Apart from its highly-skilled employees, Socomec’s success is credited to its ability to listen to the clients’ needs and maintaining a close-knit relationship with them. This graces us with unhindered loyalty from our clients,” adds Krumenacker.

With steady growth in the European and Asian markets, Socomec aims to leverage its energy storage expertise to explore new opportunities across the North American continent.