As the effects of climate change continue to become more pronounced, the energy sector has accelerated its transition to greener technologies as an antidote to minimize carbon emissions. Even though technologies that can harness the power of the sun, waves, and wind have been around for decades, their universal adoption in business and residential settings has always been hindered by a lack of awareness and misinformation. This is anticipated to change as the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts renewable energy to overtake coal as the primary means of electricity production by 2025, with solar energy expected to be at the forefront.

However, despite the enhancement of technology, safety, and efficiency gains, most homeowners still struggle to transition their power needs from conventional avenues to solar energy because many of the existing processes followed by utility companies are siloed, antiquated, and inefficient. For instance, even after a quick installation of solar equipment, the documentation and collaboration with utility companies and government entities take up a significant amount of time, causing an overall delay in implementation and homeowner frustration.

Overcoming these challenges and creating a faster and smoother process, from the point of sale to installation and commissioning of the solar system is Tennessee- based Solar Titan USA. In addition, the company provides expert advice and information on the latest solar products and options available to homeowners. “Today, all the facets of solar technology have reached a stage where they can be effectively used to power homes, and with our full service portfolio, we help homeowners capitalize on this opportunity to transition from conventional power to self-production,” says Sarah Kirkland, Chief Operating Officer at Solar Titan USA.

Today, all the pieces of the solar arena have reached a stage where they can be effectively used to power homes, and with our one-stop-shop services portfolio, we help homeowners capitalize on this opportunity

A Solar-Powered Genesis

After several years of research and development, Solar Titan USA started its operations in Knoxville, TN, with a goal to bring a new level of excellence and positivity to user experiences, replacing the existing slow and inefficient approach with a smoother, faster, and expert-backed alternative. The company achieves this by combining its comprehensive services suite with a collaborative approach curated by a team of solar experts.

According to Sarah, the awareness and applications of solar energy in a home setting have always been hindered by aging processes that slow down the implementation and utilization of self-produced power. Therefore, as a way to overcome the hurdles associated with older processes, Solar Titan offers an entire service portfolio comprising only the highest quality solar system equipment, in-house engineering, electricians, and customer care team, along with impeccable solar panel installation, repair, and maintenance services. The company offers enhanced safety mechanisms that make it easier for installers and electricians to perform their activities and a dedicated cloud-based monitoring platform that can be accessed through mobile and/or web-based portals. Solar Titan collaborates with leading panel manufacturers to offer intelligent panels with enhanced functionality and performance.
Above all, at the heart of Solar Titan’s operations is a mission to create a future where solar energy is the preferred choice for energy requirements.

Facilitating Better Solar Energy Generation

Solar Titan’s portfolio includes top-tier solar panels for residential and commercial usage with decades long performance guarantees. “We understand that solar energy is the future and therefore, we choose components that best suit a customer’s needs and offer the highest longevity,” adds Sarah. The company’s high-quality solar systems are backed by its all-inclusive services suite that ensures a seamless and cost-effective transition from conventional power to solar energy.
  • With every installation, we are not only reducing some of the drawbacks of using conventional energy sources, but we’re also providing solutions that really haven’t been an option until now

When it comes to client collaborations, Solar Titan generally begins with a meeting between the customer and the company’s energy consultants where details on the user’s needs and long-term power consumption goals are discussed. Owing to the flexibility and efficacy of its portfolio, the company serves a wide range of customer needs, from clients that want to start small and evolve as their consumption demands grow to customers that desire larger, high-producing systems. Once the critical information is gathered, Solar Titan USA collaborates with its contacts at the utility companies to speed up the interconnection process. Concurrently