Yaniv Kalish, Founder and CEO, SolarKalYaniv Kalish, Founder and CEO
Companies and organizations based in the U.S. are adopting solar now more than ever. As the cost of solar panels continues to fall, these investments have become more and more profitable. Solar also helps companies cut emissions and meet their environmental and social goals. However, going solar is not as simple as understanding its benefits. Procuring the right system at the best price is difficult, especially amid a fragmented landscape of providers. This is where SolarKal, a dedicated solar energy advisory, steps in. They provide access, clarity, and ease to both providers and clients through their tech-enabled marketplace and proprietary procurement process.

SolarKal’s process not only greatly reduces friction and provides clarity, but it’s proven: end-clients save 30 percent on average compared to non-marketplace procurement.

Recently, SolarKal partnered with a prestigious university located in upstate New York. Through their marketplace, SolarKal was able to procure a bid that was 75 percent lower than what the university was able to get on their own, making the project possible. Engaging with SolarKal also alleviated internal resources and allowed the university to focus on other efforts that ultimately increased impact across the organization.

SolarKal’s unique approach presents companies with competitive bids and ensures that they get the best solution at the best price from our network leading solar providers

Most organizations do not have the in-house capabilities to manage the complexities of a traditional procurement process which requires fully analyzing the cost/benefits of solar, soliciting and comparing proposals from multiple installers and providers all the way to project selection and installation. Often, organizations may overpay or purchase a product that does not fully meet their needs. SolarKal’s marketplace model and expert advisory services prevent those missteps while closing the educational gap.

When a company engages with SolarKal, SolarKal first assesses their properties. If their building or land is solar-ready and meets SolarKal’s project requirements, then the client is assigned a dedicated expert who will agnostically guide them through the entire project lifecycle, serving as their owner’s representative. The client will be provided a detailed proposal with system design options and financial forecasts of projected revenue the company will generate by switching to solar based on different scenarios, e.g financing system ownership versus engaging in a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

According to the owner of a New Jersey-based entertainment complex and SolarKal client, “the great thing about SolarKal is that we are two years into the project and the information that they [initially] provided to us is spot on. It’s as close as you can get.”

Once the project specifications are finalized, SolarKal then submits the company’s project to its tech-enabled marketplace of over 150 solar providers across the U.S., who bid for the client’s business. Each provider has been thoroughly vetted by SolarKal’s team, who collect and analyze over 130 data points during the onboarding process. SolarKal only onboards and recommends providers that have strong annual revenue history, extensive experience, and a record of excellent performance.

When the bidding process closes, clients will receive between six to twelve offers based on nearly 70 different variables. SolarKal helps the client understand the nuances of the different offers—from equipment to payment milestones—supporting them to make an educated decision on the best selection for their specific needs. There are over 5,000 different solar providers in the country and each one comes with their own pricing model and bid format.
SolarKal employs an apples-to-apples data format that increases client ease during selection.
  • SolarKal is a mission-driven company; we strive to make solar energy accessible to every organization in the country.

SolarKal continues to represent clients through project selection and contract negotiation with the chosen vendor. Yaniv Kalish, SolarKal founder and CEO, explains “SolarKal’s unique approach presents companies with competitive bids and ensures that they get the best solution at the best price from our network leading solar providers.”

Moving forward, SolarKal plans to invest more in market growth as well as in improving the technology of its marketplace platform by adding features that enhance the user experience. This year, they have also begun offering additional adjacent services, like battery installations, which will provide more value to clients and complement their core offering. However, their central focus will always be on providing their customers with expert advice and incredible value. As Kalish said, “SolarKal is a mission-driven company; we strive to make solar energy accessible to every organization in the country.”