Dong Wang, Managing Director, Southern Sustainable ElectricDong Wang, Managing Director
Ten years ago if a fresh out of school college grad, told you that he is going to start a company with just few thousand dollars and develop the first utility-scale solar project in Whyalla,South Australia, there is no way you would have believed that! This very gentleman was Mr.Dong Wang, who today, is the Managing Director of Southern Sustainable Electric. With the sheer belief that clean energy is the future of the industry,Wang founded the Australian-based solar company, Southern Sustainable Electric (SSE),to help reap the benefits of renewable solar energy, without it having to harm the environment. Dong continued to increase the company’s foothold in the market by adding more effective solutions, while simultaneously honing his capabilities. The company delved into the whole lifecycle of the renewable solar power, right from importing the solar products and providing solar energy for residential foundations to handling commercial projects development. SSE has since been making an impact in the utility-scale project development space, exponentially growing though their rollercoaster journey of the energy sector. “With 19 years’ experience both domestically and overseas, we’ve been developing and maintaining utility-scale solar power with our mission statement-Let there be light!” asserts Wang.

Sustainable development is the need of the hour due to the ever-increasing electricity demand,rising energy costs, aging of the coal power plants and increasing power needs and pressure for environmental accountability and sustainability,all of which are adding to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions contributing to global warming. In order to find more viable, affordable, and sustainable electricity solutions, business is moving to commercial and self-generated solar energy solutions. As a renowned renewable energy and engineering company, SSE offers commercial solar power systems, utility-scale solar power systems, and sustainable products including electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

SSE provides an end-to-end service using high-quality solar products and some in house manufactured equipment, led by an experienced and professional solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team. From the commercial solar power plants end, SSE provides ground-mounted solar systems and rooftop solar systems.
“We aim to build a high-quality solar solution for our clients that reduce costs over the long term. We are a boutique company offering end-to-end service from planning, development and engineering, to installation, connection and maintenance,” explains Wang.

We are a boutique company offering tailored end-to-end service from planning, development and engineering, to installation, connection and maintenance

SSE develops large-scale utility-scale solar power plants by keeping a balance between the energy demands and environmental needs which eventually result in a massive reduction in carbon pollution of the atmosphere. Whether it’s the planning of developing and operating a utility-scale solar power plant, procuring solar energy contracts or crafting programs that offer solar energy to customers, SSE has become the go-to stop because of ability to provide a customised energy solution with the help of its team’s professional engineering, procurement and construction experience. The company offers tailored solutions to its customers with effective service alongside every stage of the journey, from development to installation, and beyond.

Being one of a leaders in the electric vehicle charging industry, SSE has been actively promoting the infrastructure construction of EV charging, aiming for a new era of ‘green transport’. The company’s XChargeUltra Fast chargers provide fast charging of Electric cars and Electric Buses. Wang credits the company’s success to its multicultural and well-connected team. “We’ve successfully delivered over 1GW of solar power worldwide with our partners and constantly strive to optimise our solar systems, to provide greater energy yield and quality products for customers,” states Wang. SSE leverages its international expertise to deliver world-class solar solutions that suit customer needs making the company a reliable, cost-effective, and ethical, renewable energy developer and operator in the dynamic clean energy industry.