The primary objective of energy transformation is to build a new generation of comprehensive energy service system featuring clean, low-carbon, safe, efficient, and sustainable development. However, due to the acceleration of Internet information technology, renewable energy technology, and the power reform process, comprehensive energy service is urgently needed to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Sunwoda Energy strives for reliable power supply and energy independence. Dedicated towards renewable and affordable energy, tailor-made services, and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions, the company promotes a green lifestyle, power daily lives and drives sustainable future—paving the way towards a cleaner, greener, and brighter world. Sunwoda aims to provide the leading energy storage solution service and provide clean and affordable energy. In the energy storage industry with an extensive focus on resolving energy problems for the grid, community, datacenters, and homeowners, the Shenzhen-based company is committed to helping its clients achieve their energy-related goals now and into the future.

What's more? Sunwoda power system is a real-time balancing system for power generation and electricity consumption. The energy storage system can store a specific scale of electrical energy storage capacity, flexibly adjust the charging and discharging operation state, and time-shift the electrical energy at different time scales to improve the power grid's flexibility. Therefore, the energy storage system has been widely used in all aspects of generation, transmission, distribution, and behind-the-meter. Flaunting a standardized cabinet modular concept, Sunwoda Energy C & I energy storage system is designed for customized energy integration. The total capacity can be easily expanded by connecting extra cabinets by the side. Benefiting the advantages of low noise, the system can also be deployed for silence required environment.

Sunwoda power system is a real-time balancing system for power generation and electricity consumption

The cabinet is all integrated, equipped with temperature sensors and system monitoring module, small space occupation, flexible configuration, ideal for various commercial and industrial applications.

Moreover, Sunwoda home energy storage system is an efficient and safe energy-supplying system that saves electricity costs by storing energy from off-peak hours and surplus clean energy generated from the photovoltaic system and powering the household during peak hours or blackout. Integrated with lithium-ion battery energy storage systems and home energy management systems, the solution is expandable on demand and has a variety of combinations. Flexible, efficient, and customized products and services are friendly to home users to build clean, independent, and economic micro-grid. Sunwoda Energy IDC backup power solution aims to provide lithium-ion battery products with high energy density, high power density, and high-temperature resistance. Characterized with modular design, multi modules in parallel and independent maintenance, our IDC backup power products can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve accessibility and economy of IDC backup power application.

On a concluding note, Sunwoda has shifted its focus on PV business to distributed power plants, such as industrial plant roofs, commercial buildings, household use, and photovoltaic poverty alleviation, and moving the business areas to the central and eastern regions. Further, by helping customers optimize the energy supply and demand and cutting power costs, Sunwoda Energy delivers high-quality energy storage solutions and enhances customer property value. The dedicated team of energy professionals had provided superior quality products and custom-designed service to clients in around ten countries. In the future, the company desires to bring flexible, smart, and economical energy for everyone, everywhere.