With the upsurge in mobile devices, location-based services have increasingly become a part of everyday life. Resultantly, today’s companies are exploring new ways on how they can make position awareness better and adopt location-based technologies. Various technology developers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs are also designing productive software to ameliorate facility visibility. Headquartered in Dubai, TagStone offers enterprise-class solutions to improve operational safety and security by providing significant onsite insights. “We deliver targeted information and enhance customers’ data tracking system by allowing them to test multiple concepts quickly and find the best solution for their business needs,” says Muthla Al-Sayer, CEO, TagStone.

The company moves toe-to-toe with current trends and injects them into a range of solutions and services they offer. “Trends such as wireless health telemetry, data insights, and alerts based on process patterns are increasingly becoming common in harsh environments such as oil and gas,” says Al-Sayer. “Capitalizing on these trends, we help companies manage and plan the onsite monitoring of their workforce.”

Tagstone’s flagship solution, TagSECURE ensures safety for hazardous industries like energy, oil and gas, and chemical plants. The solution leverages state-of-the-art RFID and GPS technologies to equip the rescue team with accurate POB (Personnel Onboard) and location information for emergency purposes. Empowering the team furthermore, the solution that comprises of tags and badges delivers health information including heart rate and other vitals. Besides proffering such significant insights during a crisis, the solution enables consolidation with access control and asset tracking solutions to increase operational effectiveness. “We help companies ideate and utilize solutions that improve service levels and safety, reduce human error, and control operational costs,” says Al-Sayer.

TagStone recognizes the growing relevance of wearable technology and hence leverages its extensive innovative capabilities to provide products based on it. “While most of the products available in the marketplace lie in an early stage of product lifecycle, we make sure that our cutting-edge devices are actually useful and productive,” says Al-Sayer.

We help companies ideate and utilize solutions that improve service levels and safety, reduce human error, and control operational costs

She continues, “Our wearable real-time visual sharing products empower an expert to troubleshoot problems or proactively detect potential issues on a remote field.”

The company strives to remain competitive by staying ahead and pushing innovation through their TagStone Lab’s capability. “Furthermore, our capability to stay focused on true needs of the client and acting as their trusted partner makes us distinguished among others,” states Al-Sayer.

Since inception, TagStone has been enabling its clients to manage visibility in their environment and attain desired outcomes. TagStone assists clients to not only gain visibility of movements, but also enables them to get an insight into demand and supply patterns, and consumption of inputs to improve their energy efficiency.

To reflect on TagStone’s expertise, Al-Sayer explains a case of successful assistance where the company helped an energy-based enterprise to track their workers’ safety effectively but then also used that information to reduce its electricity and cooling costs by monitoring movement patterns of staff at their lodging facilities.

Forging ahead, Tagstone continues to focus on enhancing their upcoming products and services. The company further plans to offer wireless business intelligence capability and bring together RFID with emerging IoT and data analytics to provide insights into their business functions of their clients. “We offer a client focused innovation lab service by enabling our clients to incubate, test and deploy sustaining or disruption innovation products or solutions,” says Al-Sayer.