Harald Freissmuth, CEO, TDE GroupHarald Freissmuth, CEO
The oil and gas industry can no longer trail behind when it comes to seizing digital opportunities to boost profitability. For those grappling with technical challenges, such as managing unexpected incidents, performance analysis, and process optimization, going digital is now more critical than ever. Moreover, market players are realizing that technology can offer the resilience required to help these players weather the downturns the industry is prone to. By leveraging software enabled data-driven products and services, TDE Group, a data-driven, technology solutions provider, is leading the oil and gas industry into the digital age. TDE Group’s innovation is capable of shifting the drilling works required for the oil and gas industry from surface-centric data models to “predictive down-hole models” based on real-time down-hole data aggregation and analysis.

Unexpected incidents such as stuck pipe, kicks, mud losses, and pipe failures, to just name a few, are very common while drilling a well. Managing these unexpected technical challenges produce a significant amount of non-productive time.

“Our innovation helps oil companies eliminate such non-productive time,” states Gerhard Thonhauser founder and CTO of TDE Group. TDE’s pioneering solutions allow clients to unlock the true potential of their drilling data through its unique web-based analysis and automated reporting service.

“Our mission is to reduce drilling costs significantly and drill better wells with higher productivity through automation, AI, and ML,” mentions Harald Freissmuth, CEO, TDE Group. TDE applies Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in their delivery of digital drilling services, thereby enabling their clients to prepare for the digital future.

Our mission is to reduce drilling costs significantly, and drill better wells with higher productivity through automation, AI, and ML

In summation, through granular visibility, knowledge-sharing and rigorous data QA/QC processes, TDE helps rig operators and contractors recognize and mitigate unexpected incidents before they occur and creates the foundation for digital business workflows with automated reporting.

Besides drilling down data performance analysis, the scope of TDE Group’s digital solutions includes digital downhole drilling systems and production optimization. The Powerline Drill String (PDS) technology is a cutting-edge innovation that delivers an integrated downhole drilling system for real-time decision making. PDS make use of bi-directional data transmission and surface power supply that enables clients to gain real-time measurements of the well directly from the bit and along the string, utilizing advanced data analytics and AI. This gives rig operators complete visibility into the current status of the well. The technology gives the power to make decisions based on real-time down-hole data and avoid conjunctures.

The downhole drilling system takes full advantage of high-bandwidth telemetry and surface power supply.
Unlike conventional mud-pulse systems, the innovation eliminates the use of batteries and downhole turbines, which again reduces the operational costs dramatically.

As an open system, bringing cost efficient multi-vendor tools into the drill string, PDS creates an ecosystem for more efficient drilling and open industry platform for drilling automation. This is a significant advantage in an economy where the costs of drilling are steadily increasing.

“We have processed more than 40,000 wells spread across different parts of the world and measured one-third of the global rig fleet,” says Freissmuth. “On an average we process 300 wells every day.” TDE Group adopts a unique approach while serving its clientele. The firm identifies the critical flaws in the existing system and reduces non-productive time by giving the required visibility to different departments. “Apart from cost reductions, digitalization also helps our clients revamp their business model,” adds Freissmuth.

TDE Group has strategically placed its global headquarters in Abu Dhabi, which is a hot spot of oil and gas business. The company hosts its operations headquarters in Leoben, Austria and manages satellite offices on every continent to serve its clients worldwide. TDE Group has aggressive plans to expand its global footprint alongside the roll-out of new offerings that will continue to translate digitalization to efficiency and performance in a much more competitive and cost-driven environment.