Real-time communication technologies like wireless communication and location-based services are the game-changers for streamlining off-site operations in the energy industry. These enable organizations to enforce surveillance and ensure safety of field engineers and devices. To steer this technology of location-based services, TerraMar Networks, an asset tracking and fleet management service provider, delivers tracpoint, a web-based mapping and analysis portal to track assets on land, sea and in the air. With tracpoint delivered as a hosted tracking system, the company ensures safety and monitors movement of its customer’s employees and fleet at lower costs.

In the energy sector, companies have expensive assets for transporting resources across boundaries. TerraMar Networks delivers tracpoint to track these assets and location in real-time, thereby, avoiding any kind of loss during transportation. “The solution provides an intuitive interface and discrete information to track and manage the fleet,” states Gwyn Roberts, CEO, TerraMar Networks. It is compatible with a wide range of tracking hardware and data communications network—enabling the solution to support a variety of applications. The tracking solution can track multiple types of assets like aircraft, rigs, supply vessels or any onshore vehicles like trucks, cargo vehicles and much more.

The real-time data retrieved by the tracking system can be accessed from a web portal through any device with internet connection—even smartphones and tablets. This web portal in combination with the solution is termed as ‘Single Platform’ by the company. It portrays a broad situational view of the traffic in a user-defined region by combining Automatic Identification System (AIS) with tracking hardware installed on client-operated vessels, aircraft and vehicles. This real-time information provides the situational awareness needed for efficient operational and security management. The website also empowers the user to go back in time and examine movements of the asset on a specific date.

With tracpoint, customers can receive text or email alerts of important events like the vehicles crossing defined zones or theft of equipments.

The solution provides an intuitive interface and discrete information to track and manage the fleet

With this information sent to the concerned personnel in time, customers can take the appropriate measures to recover valuable assets and prevent damage to property. With a web-based tracking system, customers can enhance the efficiency of workflows and security of the employees and assets.

TerraMar Networks has helped more than 300 organizations in tracking and managing their assets over all the three terrains. For instance, JJ Black Consultancy, a distributor focused on the oil and gas sector, found it necessary to have a broader situational picture of the activity around its drilling platforms and the nearest port in Ghana. TerraMar Networks proposed supplying additional tracking units for vessels and integrating the third party data feeds. The service provider also suggested installing terrestrial AIS receivers locally to capture all the AIS-equipped local maritime traffic in the area for enhancing client domain awareness. With all the proposals and suggestions, TerraMar Networks delivered Single Platform and empowered JJ Black Consultancy to view all the information on a single portal. Post implementation, the client noticed more efficient logistics planning and enhanced security of its assets in the region.

The breadth of analysis delivered by tracpoint enables its customers to obtain dedicated results and minimize risks of accidents. In an effort to corner the market, the company has included a comprehensive fleet maintenance module which has been well received by customers globally. While keeping its fingers on the pulse of technology, TerraMar Networks focuses on incorporating the futuristic technologies of location awareness for asset tracking and fleet management in tracpoint.