Jeff Young, Business Development Manager, TexsolarJeff Young, Business Development Manager
Solar energy has emerged as one of the most promising renewable energy resources available to help us reach our net zero goals. Net-metering and generous tax credits have made solar a self-rewarding alternative to fossil fuel. However, in this post-pandemic day and age, homeowners and business owners need more than appealing presentations about the environmental and economic benefits to decide to invest in solar. They know choosing the right company to install, support, and maintain their solar system is crucial to achieving true self-sustainability.

The Pandemic showed us how quickly things can change in the world and how permanent the impact can be. Before then, how many of us realistically considered global shutdowns or ice storms in Texas a real cause for concern? Solar energy and backup power went from a new-age green movement to a household necessity to regain control and stability. We can’t forget the wake-up call of “The Big Freeze” in 2021 or the rolling blackouts that followed. It’s truly a snowball effect. The abnormal weather from each extreme forced many of us to crank up our a/c or heat, adding unexpected strain to the grid. As a result, energy costs have begun to fluctuate constantly, bringing charges like demand and peak usage on our bills to our full attention.

These are just a few apparent reasons why so many Texans are motivated to achieve self-reliance through renewable energy quickly. They are taking back control by owning their system. They know the erratic weather, global health events, and economic strain of these past few years make right now the most critical time to get educated about solar energy and secure backup power. Yet, despite the easy-to-see benefits, homeowners and business owners may not know the best path to take or who to call. After all, it is a big decision. It truly comes down to who you can trust and who can back it up.

Enter TEXSOLAR, which works hard to set the bar, founded with one clear mission: To make a difference with Integrity. They accomplish this mission by providing quality solutions through their factory-trained installation team and maintaining customer satisfaction beyond installation. Sadly, most solar companies that have emerged over the past decade struggle with a one-track mindset centered around sales and marketing. To overcome these issues, the team focuses heavily on educating customers on the benefits of solar products and establishing a lasting relationship with each customer.

The TEXSOLAR team is a licensed electrical contractor that cuts no corners, stands by its word, and delivers by paving the way as a leader in the energy engineering space. There is no high pressure, the process is kept simple, and they are always transparent.
It’s so crucial for you to feel confident in relying on your solar panel system as your primary energy source. For this reason, the company employs highly qualified electricians and roofers trained & licensed to install any system efficiently. In addition, the company offers more than just solar panels as an alternative energy source. They also install generators, batteries, and even EV charging stations.

TEXSOLAR tailors its solutions to fit your needs and knows that life happens. For example, if you need to replace your roof or relocate within the state of Texas, the team will remove & re-install the panels once, free of charge. Likewise, if you build onto your home or business or make additions that increase their usage, your “representative” will help them find a solution to meet the increasing need. Just another way the team keeps itself and its customers prepared to face the constant changes in the world and consistently provide complete, up-to-date solutions for your energy independence.

Again, TEXSOLAR is all for keeping the solar process simple and providing affordable, lasting energy solutions. By offering financially manageable options for customers to own their system and helping them take advantage of any available federal, state, and local incentives.

In one instance, a customer reached out to TEXSOLAR concerned about spending nearly $200 monthly on utility bills. Their “representative” took the time to discuss the customers’ current energy needs and future goals. Provided a reasonable quote for the system and on boarded the client. From the start, the client significantly reduced utility expenses, saving hundreds of dollars within the first year and making the customer self-reliant. With utility prices rising, these systems guarantee long-term monetary benefits for the client.
  • Unlike most companies that provide short-term product warranties, TEXSOLAR provides a lifetime warranty on all its parts and labor, 25 years of which are fully transferable

This crew stands by their workmanship and backs it up in a BIG way, with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Unlike most companies that provide short-term product warranties, TEXSOLAR provides a lifetime warranty on all its parts and labor, 25 years of which are fully transferable. By providing the highest quality equipment through skilled workmanship, it meets and exceeds customer expectations.

This is a family-owned, family-operated, and truly family-focused company. An excellent real-life example is a recent multi-family project from Aubry, TX, to Brownsville, TX. A family of three households with very different energy needs for their homes, schedules, and visions. TEXSOLAR worked quickly and efficiently with each family household and provided customized ground mount solutions for each property in no time. Most importantly, they are helping an entire family be self-sustained. In addition, they truly focus on raising the bar in the solar industry by forming a reliable, lasting relationship with each customer and, at times, whole families.

With an established project management team and process, TEXSOLAR tracks project status and consistently updates you. You’ll receive a document outlining your project’s estimated progress timeline and what to expect throughout the process. In addition, an easy-to-use phone APP for you to track your project at any time is on the horizon. These additional service options make TEXSOLAR stand out in the market by helping them earn and maintain the trust of their customers.

So rest assured when you choose TEXSOLAR as your solar energy provider, you’ve made the right decision. From start to finish, from the first call to the install, and beyond -- for generations to come.