Sandra Trittin, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, tiko Energy SolutionsSandra Trittin, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development
Coined during the post- French Revolution era, the term ‘decentralisation’ describes a leadership structure where decision-making authority does not rest upon one person. And owing to the success of this model of distributing responsibilities among a larger group, decentralisation has not only found its relevance as a unique employee administrative model but also as an efficient technological assets management and scaling approach. In particular, these feature sets are apt for the energy sector, where a decentralised architecture can enable businesses and common citizens to utilise electricity in the most optimised and cost-effective way for themselves, others and the community as a whole. Among the several steps that energy firms are taking towards incorporating decentralised energy systems today, virtual power plants (VPPs) are continuously emerging based on not only big loads and production units but also including assets from individual homes like batteries, heating and cooling systems. However, to leverage VPPs new business and services models are required and energy firms are struggling to develop and implement these.

Enter tiko Energy Solutions, a Swiss company that offers ground-breaking energy management solutions to aid energy firms to digitalise and decentralise their energy services and grids. “Our white label solutions allow energy companies to share power management capabilities of their assets and build innovative distribution and business models efficient and impactful,” says Sandra Trittin, co-founder and head of business development at tiko Energy Solutions.

The company currently has two core offerings, a unique VPP, and a smart energy management system. tiko’s VPP provides functionalities almost like a conventional power plant and delivers the full-spectrum of leading-edge energy services. “The round-the-clock availability of our VPP and its ability to measure and leverage the client’s energy usage gives the utilities a competitive edge in the market,” states Trittin.

At the same time, the company’s smart energy management system allows users to attach millions of energy assets, irrespective of their brand, “and enables them to optimize the storage and distribution capabilities of all their assets,” adds Trittin. Users are able to monitor and optimize their energy consumption.

Our white label solutions allow energy companies to share the power management capabilities of their assets and build innovative energy distribution models seamlessly and quickly

And with the solution’s eco-mode functionality and alarming services, homeowners can remotely control their assets and keep the comfort without any hassle.

Since tiko’s inception in 2012, the company has worked on energy projects throughout Europe. And based on the insights that it has gained over the years, tiko has identified three pillars for the development of new business models which need special care, marketing/sales, installation and monetization of the VPP. To support this tiko has developed several support applications for its clients to mitigate their challenges efficiently.

With a behemoth of such capabilities, tiko has grabbed the attention of energy companies of all sizes and is igniting numerous success stories with its clients. In one instance, tiko assisted Germany-based energy firm, Sonnen, aggregate the capabilities of their batteries for the fast frequency response market. To achieve the desired outcome, tiko provided hardware and software solutions that leveraged machine learning algorithms to bolster the energy sharing efficiency of Sonnen’s batteries. In another instance, tiko helped France-based electric utility company, ENGIE, connect their heat pumps and direct heaters into a VPP to bolster their demand response strategy better and offer a unique and differentiating service to their clients.

Looking ahead, the company plans to expand the capabilities of its portfolio to help clients that are working in the emerging smart charging space. tiko is also developing solutions that incorporate blockchain to enhance the flexibility of its offerings for source certification, microgrid optimization, peer-to-peer energy lending, and community-oriented solutions, also in countries other than Europe. By striking the perfect balance between technology solutions and extensive industry knowledge, Trittin believes that tiko is perfectly positioned to revolutionise the energy sector through its decentralised energy management approach.