Trilliant’s expertise in enterprise-wide smart energy communications proved fruitful in Vietnam’s vision of making Ho Chi Minh City the Silicon Valley of the Pacific. The $1.5 billion worth business park project, in conjunction with Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation in Vietnam (EVNHCMC), formed the central jigsaw piece in this vision. Trilliant delivered a unified solution with a superior bandwidth in the form of Trilliant Smart Grid Communications Platform that gives EVNHCMC the elbow room to manipulate and add distributed energy resources, monitor energy efficiency, and explore advanced demand side management tools. The smart grid solution paves the way for EVNHCMC to traverse future employment of smart technology and IoT devices and applications.

“The transition to an information-enabled grid is part of a dramatic change in the global energy industry. Smart Grid deployments represent a substantial investment in time, capital and resources,” says Andy White, Chairman and CEO at Trilliant, “With over one million units in the field and the financial resources that accompany that scale of business, Trilliant is in a great position to rapidly extend the company’s leading market and product position.” White’s words are indicative of the smart grid upheavals that utilities across the world are experiencing, and how Trilliant stays abreast in this transformation. As was illustrated in the case of EVNHCMC, Trilliant’s Smart Grid Communications Platform enables two-way communication across the source-transmission-distribution-consumption value chain. Distributed Data Exchange (DDX) technology that powers the platform treats every device or component as a sovereign data point and hence, an independently communicating entity that essentially escalates scalability, flexibility, and functionality to the grid.

Trilliant’s platform provides a unified communications channel in each point of interest on the grid in a secure, scalable and optimized manner, as White describes, “Utilities are faced with daunting technical complexities to unify the disparate information from their many systems. The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform—proven and purpose-built for the utility industry, can integrate these siloed systems into a unified whole.” The three primary functions of Trilliant’s Smart Grid Communications Platform are: Smart Distribution, Smart Metering, and Smart Consumer.

The transition to an information-enabled grid is part of a dramatic change in the global energy industry

Smart Distribution keeps a 24/7 data channel open between substations and the distribution grid, and the utility head-end of the grid. The channel opens up operational insights in real-time and enables automation of centralized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distribution Management System (DMS) applications. With Smart Metering, Trilliant is taking the Advanced Metering Infrastructure technology, which took the utilities by storm in the 90s, to a new level, by adding features like time-of-use billing and prepayment, apart from the stock availability of demand response and voltage management.

On the demand side, Smart Consumer, as its name implies, helps utilities engage with their consumers, in the way that is effective in this age. Residences and businesses can view their usage statistics, current demand and consumption information, and pricing information in their own meters. This solution makes it easy for utilities to unveil Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) programs to actively inform consumers about scheduled events and put them in the drivers’ seats in terms of response. The SOAP-API enabled open architecture UnitySuite Enterprise Software Platform and Consumer Engagement Management System (CEMS) from Trilliant integrate and shuttle data seamlessly across existing applications in the utility infrastructure.

Trilliant’s active involvement with utilities and consumers in the smart grid and smart city revolution has put the company in the spotlight globally. “The future is bright and innovation will be rapid,” concludes White.