Lonnie Smith, President and Co-Founder, TurncoLonnie Smith, President and Co-Founder
Despite all the new technologies and transformative strategies adopted by the oil and gas industry, it misses the boat when it comes to data science. A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found that a single drilling well can produce over two terabytes of data. However, the data collected is of no use in its raw form. To uncover the real value of the collected data, oil and gas companies need to leverage the power of data-driven technologies. With the use of big data, companies can optimize their drilling processes and improve asset performance management to reduce costs, increase reliability, and optimize performance for each drilling equipment. Big drilling data also facilitates intelligent preventive maintenance, reduces non-productive time, and much more. When the data is combined with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), operations evolve from the ground up. This is where Houston-based Turnco excels.

Turnco stands head and shoulders above its competitors by combining innovative technology solutions with expert field engineers to deliver real time drilling optimization. “Turnco works with exploration and production (E&P) companies, delivering innovative solutions powered by the latest in AI and big data. We provide E&P companies with insights that save them significant money during the drilling phase, which is known to be the most expensive,” notes Lonnie Smith, President and Co-Founder at Turnco. The company’s innovative B.R.I.T.E. system and game-changing D90 process bring greater operating efficiencies, enhanced safety, and tool reliability to drilling operations.

In an industry still figuring its way around data science technology, Turnco helps organizations leverage data science techniques to improve their operational efficiency. “We have perfected the ability to collect high quality, meaningful data in real time,” says Smith. Through its proprietary AI methods, Turnco allows organizations to gather data regardless of its source and consistency and turns it into valuable insights to improve the bottom line and eliminate non-productive time.

Turnco’s innovative D90 process reduces nonproductive time by collecting and reviewing all the data that is being generated at various levels of the drilling supply chain to ensure that customer requirements are being met. From something as simple as the color of an object to the actual tolerance of a sub-component of a drilling motor, the D90 process collects quality information in real-time. Operators have all types of products coming onto the rig from multiple levels of suppliers. To this end, the D90 process ensures that operators are provided with the required information as a product is supplied to them.

“The D90 process acts as a second pair of eyes, raises the stakes for the supplier’s performance, and eliminates errors before it moves further down the chain,” adds Smith.

We provide E&P companies with insights that save them significant money during the drilling phase, which is known to be the most expensive

In addition, by incorporating AI into the D90 process, Turnco has mastered the data acquisition phase— an area where most companies struggle. Earlier, operators were faced with inconsistencies in the data as they relied on individual service providers to report the information. “Having collected quality drilling data for 11 years, we have developed tools and processes to ensure that information of the highest quality flows from multiple levels of the supply chain to one centralized database. We do it all in the cloud and in real time,” comments Smith.

Turnco applies several proprietary algorithms to the collected data, which are perfected over the years using machine learning and enormous datasets to a point where their qualities are locked in and precise. These algorithms allow Turnco to provide solutions and predict the performance of various tools during the drilling process. The company can predict the likelihood of a downhole tool failure or even the overall decline in the performance of equipment. Clients can stack vendors side by side to make comparisons and even dig into the root cause of failures or any changes in the overall drilling system to help them quickly evaluate that information and make better decisions.

When one of its clients faced challenges with their drilling equipment, Turnco displayed its efficiency by coming to the operator’s aid. The client, who was using a rotary steerable bottom hole assembly, was facing communication issues due to the increased fluid bypass from drilling. With predictive analysis and its proprietary algorithms, the company built a predictive bypass change that helped the client avoid communication disruptions and excess tripping out of the hole while drilling.

As the industry bounces back from the COVID-19 pandemic, Turnco is helping its clients find new and innovative ways to increase productivity and maximize the output of the wells they are drilling. For the future, Turnco aims to expand its D90 product suite internationally. The company also aims to partner with data service providers and increase the usage of data tools in drilling strategies over the years. “We are in the process of forming partnerships with universities that have large datasets to further expand our analytical capabilities and provide deeper analysis for our customers,” notes Smith.