Michael Scott, CEO and Co-Founder, United Energy ConsultantsMichael Scott, CEO and Co-Founder
In the wake of energy bill hikes businesses have begun zeroing in on their energy consumption. The conventional way of keeping tabs on energy management is to search in a file cabinet or request the invoices that need to be analyzed from the utility, which is time consuming. Additionally, most mid-market businesses don’t have the time required for extensive research on energy management. They need a tool to cut down the time spent in collecting reliable information on their facilities’ energy consumption patterns, so they can work towards better understanding and managing their energy usage and sustainability.

New Jersey-based United Energy Consultant (UEC) resolves this challenge by holistically carrying out all the research and sourcing the most up-to-date and trusted energy providers in the market for clients. Their energy management software, Energy Tracker Pro, acts as a virtual file cabinet that tracks and automatically stores all the latest utility related bills in the cloud for that customer account. Energy Tracker Pro analyzes the invoices and stores them as data points, which helps companies predict trends to make better energy management decisions. “Our management software gives our clients on-demand analytics that helps them identify potential time- and cost-saving opportunities,” says Peter Kaplan, Director, UEC.

Alongside Energy Tracker Pro’s multiple functionalities of accurately tracking, managing, and budgeting spends, another notable feature is that it sends out automatic alerts via email or text message to facility managers alerting them of changes that can affect usage and cost. For instance, in a commercial building, if the electricity surges 20 percent past the threshold, UEC’s software will send an email and text message the same day informing the facility manager of usage variances or worse—meter malfunctions.

To shed light on the firm’s energy management proficiency, there was one customer in the middle of the summer who unexpectedly blew through the gas variance that UEC had set for them. With prompt automatic alerts, UEC saved their client high six figures across their chain of fitness centers by identifying the problem—they had been heating their pools at night when they weren't even open.

Our management software gives our clients on-demand analytics that helps them identify potential time- and cost-saving opportunities

“These kind of data points and analytics when immediately accessible can really help you save money,” says Kaplan.

As energy consultants, UEC also breaks up the peak and off-peak hours for manufacturing companies that run overnight shifts to bring down overall business overheads because electricity is cheaper during the off-peak period.

A major part of UEC’s business that’s worth mentioning is deregulated supply, where they have auctions for their customers to find the lowest prices on electric and gas in deregulated markets. UEC uses an online auction technology to accomplish this. All suppliers in the region get placed in a transparent online auction and continuously lower their bids to try to win the auction and the business. Kaplan commented, “Our customers love that the procurement process is transparent, and they can actually watch the bid process unfold. They also love that suppliers are competing against each other. This guarantees that we are getting them the lowest price we can.” In addition to this, UEC also sets up aggregate buying pools within their portfolio. These buying pools increase the amount of electric and gas they are buying and therefore get additional volume discounts passed through to their customers.

With the goal to upgrade and create software based on customer demand, the energy consulting firm releases new versions of their software on a bi-annual basis. A tremendous asset to business owners, UEC manages their energy needs, saving them time, money, and aggravation on energy costs.