Since its founding in 2016, U.S. Green Technologies has experienced rapid growth, both in the number and scale of its projects. The company’s integrated portfolio of solar, fuel cell, wind, and LED lighting technologies is helping its commercial clients realize substantial financial and environmental benefits by “going green.”

“When our clients see the economic value of joining the world’s growing eco-revolution, they’re amazed,” says U.S. Green’s President Mark McGinley. ”With the current dollar-for-dollar Federal Investment Tax Credit—plus accelerated depreciation, 15 to 20-year guaranteed incentives from utility companies and substantial annual energy savings over decades—our value proposition for solar energy is rock solid.”

“Then there are fuel cell systems, which produce clean energy onsite for office buildings or residential complexes” he continues. “Fuel cells convert natural gas into clean electrical energy, allowing a property to be independent of the electrical grid. So, if the power goes out in your neighbor’s building, your power is still on. Then, all your neighbor is left with is a bad case of power envy.”

A trend in the solar industry that McGinley especially likes is the ready availability of pre-fabricated carports with solar panels on top. “Nearly every commercial building has a parking lot,” he says. “But many property owners don’t realize the value their lots may have. Once you address snow removal concerns here in New England, a solar carport generates a lot of clean energy. We think they’re the next big thing in the Northeast.”

As an example, McGinley cites a project his company is completing for Pieper-Olson Veterinary Hospital in Middletown, CT. The client’s MRI machine was using a great deal of electrical power, renovation plans were underway and the hospital’s owners wanted to “go green.” However, the hospital’s roof could not accommodate a solar array large enough to offset overall energy needs. U.S. Green’s solution? Solar carports that will offset 85 percent of the hospital’s total annual energy consumption.

Regarding other clean energy solutions, McGinley notes that clients who want LED lighting have come to see the value of adding a solar array or a fuel cell system at the same time.

We want to lower the costs of running your business while helping the U.S. become energy independent and preserving the environment. What could be better than that?

And he feels that wind turbine technology is coming on strong, depending on a property’s location and exposure.

With one-fifth of the world’s electricity now being produced by clean energy technologies, it would seem that U.S. Green’s market timing is ideal. Given the increasing affordability of green energy, its applications and uses have continued to broaden. New technologies have also helped lower overall production and delivery costs. And public opinion polls show strong support for companies and property owners taking steps to offset their carbon footprints.

In fact, many Fortune 500 companies have now made commitments to achieve 100% renewable energy goals. The financial benefits are great, and the PR is even greater. Plus, CIOs and CFOs are often looking at spreadsheets that require no money down, no out-of-pocket expenses and project positive cash flow from day one.

“There’s no better time to go green,” says McGinley. “That’s why we anticipate exponential growth. The more businesses and commercial property owners come to understand what we have to offer, the more excited they become.”

“Our value proposition is simple,” he states emphatically. “We want to lower the costs of running your business while helping the U.S. become energy independent and preserving the environment. What could be better than that?”