With executive attention focused on reducing overhead and operating costs, CIOs must discover new ways to support business-critical commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) platforms while seamless servicing back office, middle office, and front office users. Every day, commodity producers and marketers process millions of trades worldwide, all of which must be accounted for, reconciled, and filed for compliance. Traders don’t take kindly to system delays, and legacy accounting processes can’t be overlooked, and accounting teams cannot allow month-end processes to run late. CTRM, platforms are expected to run like a utility, always available. The technical and functional expertise necessary for these solutions to serve dynamic business needs is held by a select few across the globe who are, unfortunately, hard to hire and, if they are top performers, often difficult to retain.

Companies rely on this small pool of experts to keep their CTRM platform performing, especially in the run-and-operate phase. Because these platforms manage trillions of dollars in trades daily—as Priyankar Datta, the Principal at Value Creed describes— the risk of high-cost mistakes due to downtime, technical or operational errors is prompting technology leaders to seek new support approaches.

Value Creed’s founder, Priyankar Datta, realized this trend and created the world’s first dual time zone managed services support offering for CTRM/ETRM platforms he calls, Run Smart™. It enables energy companies to enhance performance and business value with a lower level of dependency on traditional, high-priced consulting firms while positioning the business to seize market expansion opportunities.

We seamlessly partner with our clients as proactive team members devoted to ensuring the necessary proactive steps are taken daily to deliver expected functional and technical performance, with maximum up-time for business users and traders

“We understand the industry and have come up with a way to help clients run CTRM applications cost-effectively,” adds Datta.

Value Creed plays a significant role in helping clients optimize and manage their CTRM solutions with Run Smart’s unique approach. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, the company helps clients realize efficiency gains. Rather than waiting until the next business day to address end-of-day process issues, Value Creed’s team monitors the clients’ CTRM application around the clock. It proactively addresses concerns to ensure clients start the business day seamlessly. This frees up internal technology teams to focus on high-value projects rather than spending “half their day troubleshooting technical issues,” noted Mr. Raja Kanthadai, Vice President of Run Smart™ Managed Services at Value Creed.

The company operates in both North America and APAC, serving CIOs worldwide. Created with both domestic and international operations in mind, Run Smart’s fixed cost model provides day-to-day management, operational enhancements, and critical support during month-end cycles.

Since its inception, Value Creed has grown by double-digit percentages as CIOs move away from fixed-price traditional consulting projects funded as a capital expense to Run Smart’s fixed monthly management services, an operational expense.

The company’s addition of tenured technical executives, like Raja Kanthadai, the Vice President, Managed Services, last year is a continued testament to the quality and value of their team. “CIOs realize the power they have with the tailor-made approach Run Smart offers, and they appreciate the predictability of a fixed cost monthly service model,” commented Mr. Datta. With key clients, including multinationals and respected domestic utilities, Value Creed is winning over CIOs seeking an edge, and they are taking action.