Featured Vendors

Fabiola D. Robinson, President

Provides a comprehensive platform for Real- Time Control and Simulation focused on electric power

Dr. Robin Podmore, President

Provides training and customized simulation models for power operator training, on a SaaS basis

Jian Zhang, CEO

Provides big data billing, settlement and billing analytics software for the energy industry

Dr. Noa Ruschin Rimini, Founder & CEO

Global leader in providing cutting-edge predictive analytics offerings through proprietary...

Andreas Savvides, Ph.D., VP of Technology & Software

Building Dynamics is a Big Energy Data solution from Ameresco, and provides comprehensive energy management solutions for today’s energy requirements

Gerard V Metzler, Founder & President

QBA is focused on providing value-added services to the Energy Industry including Utilities, Balancing Authorities, Transmission Companies, Plants, Suppliers, and Exploration

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