Jeffrey Cantin, Founder & President, Solar AlternativesJeffrey Cantin, Founder & President
Businesses and homeowners alike are looking for resilient, clean energy. The shift toward renewable energy sources stems from soaring energy prices, unpredictable power supplies, power outages due to extreme weather, tree toppling and even birds damaging critical grids. As a result, most homeowners, businesses, and government organizations seek solar power solutions to lower energy costs, increase comfort, and strengthen their energy infrastructure. This is where Solar Alternatives, an innovative renewable energy company, is helping bring energy independence and self-generation capabilities to customers.

As a trusted leader in renewable energy, Solar Alternatives offers a consultative approach and cost-effective solutions that eliminate its customers’ pain points. From concept to design to construction, the company delivers reliable and fully-commissioned solar energy systems that best meets their clients’ needs. “Be it a huge corporation or a new construction facility aiming for net-zero goals, or an existing resident trying to use clean energy to reduce their utility bills, we’ve got them covered,” says Jeffrey Cantin, founder and president of Solar Alternatives. Not limited to solar and battery systems, Solar Alternatives also offers a suite of products that address the growing need for electrification. As electrification becomes a larger priority for home and business owners, the company is positioning itself in the EV marketplace by incorporating charging capabilities for vehicles in multifamily residential areas and workplaces.

Solar Alternatives’ distinctiveness springs from its real-world experience, which helps it better serve the market with strong engineering resources, deep vendor partnerships, manufacturer support teams, and a wide breadth of industry coverage. When onboarding a client, it adopts a deep discovery process. Depending on the client’s needs, this process can take hours, weeks, or more, potentially growing into a full feasibility study. For instance, a simple EV charger installation for a home requires little information. In contrast, a large facility looking for a solar backup power microgrid system will require a lengthy analysis. The team learns everything they can about a facility or home including its consumption patterns and how it can be connected to a renewable energy system.

Solar Alternatives encourages a more in-depth study of the electrical service, reviewing specific load requirements and needs. This stands apart from the remote analysis offered by many conventional players. Following the discovery process, Solar Alternatives customizes an energy solution based on the client’s input, employing the best equipment, the highest construction standards and a comprehensive commissioning process. The result is a functional, dependable energy management system that is well controlled and supported on the backend for the long term.
  • Be it a huge corporation or a new construction facility aiming for net-zero goals, or an existing resident trying to use clean energy to reduce their utility bills, our company has got them covered

Illustrating Solar Alternatives’ diverse offerings is one particular customer success story. Due to excessive power outages and frequent grid disruptions, a 50-unit multifamily apartment building in a storm-prone region needed a more reliable power source. To meet the need, Solar Alternatives designed a fully net zero microgrid structure that can generate as much energy from solar panels as the facility uses in a year. In the event of an outage, Solar Alternatives’ designed and installed solar battery system takes over. The robust energy management system can operate the building for eight to twelve hours a day, depending on the amount of stored energy. Even in the midst of Hurricane Esther in 2021, which caused a two-week outage, the facility continued operating uninterrupted. The solar battery system was a huge success for the client as they continued to adapt the system, adding load management which has increased reliability and utility.

Having served more than 3000 customers, Solar Alternatives has one of-a-kind real-world market experience with microgrid systems and the types of resilient clean energy systems that others are only experimenting with. “We have helped clients save a lot of money on their systems’ design and deployment, simply by combining technologies from other sectors and our own experience to maximize value and reliability,” states Cantin.