Over the years, Smart Grid technology has created ripples in the energy sector. Enterprises are incessantly searching for energy storage solutions for their Smart Grid applications backed by three predominant features—versatility, safety, and affordability—for better returns and lesser financial risks. Discovering opportunities from growing energy storage needs, today a myriad of firms offering storage solutions have proliferated in the market. ViZn Energy, an energy storage equipment manufacturing and engineering company, has also leveraged this opportunity to address the impediments of broad scale deployment of energy storage. “We provide a versatile solution that can go from fast moving power services to longer duration energy services in one maiden platform,” extols Ron Van Dell, President and CEO, ViZn Energy.

The company focuses on three main target markets including commercial and industrial, microgrids and utility industries. “The commercial and industrial clients are deploying our storage systems either to improve quality of their electric supply or reduce costs or both,” explains Van Dell. The microgrid industry needs a variety of services from one single solution that is versatile and ViZn provides them the solution they need. On the other hand, Utility companies deploy ViZn’s storage solutions as they are looking for solutions that can be bolted in their systems for power quality, load shifting, renewable energy integration or transmission upgrade deferral.

ViZn Energy’s core technology, chemistry and robust packaging for energy storage uses a hybrid flow battery. Unlike other flow batteries based on strong acid solutions, ViZn’s battery is based on an alkaline chemistry making it more durable and safe. Flow batteries include either a liquid-metal or a liquid-liquid scheme for the charging and discharging process. “The batteries using the liquid-metal look encouraging but will develop a number of problems that will overwhelm its advantages,” explains Van Dell. The presence of metal in the system enables users to get higher power capabilities as compared to the system with only liquid.

We take a solutions-based approach to fulfill the needs of Smart Grid applications

“ViZn has developed a design using zinc that solves the challenges of using a liquid-liquid scheme while producing all the advantages of utilizing liquid-metal,” says Van Dell.

The company offers energy storage in stationary systems to help store energy at scale, driving new opportunities for technological innovation in the Smart Grid space. “We take a solutions-based approach to fulfill the needs of Smart Grid applications,” asserts Van Dell. ViZn offers an optimized storage design based on the client’s technical, engineering, and economic needs. “We do comprehensive applications engineering analysis to find out the use case and Smart Grid requirements of clients then wrap that together into a complete solution for them,” delineates Van Dell. Adding to the solutions-based approach, ViZn Energy covers a number of other functionalities such as power convergence, project contracting, financing, and insurance through partnerships with various companies who have expertise in these areas. “We have an ecosystem where we work with our partners to cater to a client’s every requirement,” elucidates Van Dell.

ViZn Energy is focused on driving performance and revenue with its multi-generational program already in place for the future. “We have already planned our next-generation and next-to-next generation solutions,” says Van Dell. Geographically, the company aims to expand internationally, creating its footprint in the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world. “We are already present in three market dimensions and plan to expand our business wings in other sectors as well,” concludes Van Dell.