In today's diversified ecosystem of complex data, oil and gas operators are on constant lookout for technology-enabled solutions to integrate and analyze “well data” with assurance of data quality and accuracy. However, most software tools lack robust analytical features and essential capabilities for data quality assessment.

Well Lifecycle Resources (WLR) has developed tailor-made software solutions that help oil and gas operators ensure well data quality, resulting in improved well performance and overall well integrity. “Our key offerings collaborate with Peloton’s WellView, the most popular application used by oil and gas operators today,” says Bill Pesek, President and Founder of Well Lifecycle Resources.

As a two-in-one solution, WLR offers an analytics tool integrated with a data quality tool, which focuses on processing well data and generating results that are both complete and accurate. “Data accuracy has been an underlying inefficiency for engineers in this industry. Our unique software allows our clients to “view” trusted data with a clear and concise “visual” of analytics. This inevitably results in improved well performance,” explains Bill.

Daily, in a streamlined manner, the WLR Audit Tool can monitor well data that is entered. “One of the key aspects is that our data quality tool, the WLR Data Integrity Audit Tool, exists on the rig site. It can be run around the clock to ensure that, even before the office staff arrives at work, rig personnel have used our software to quickly and effortlessly find and correct all data errors. The data received by the office is then 100 percent correct. This is about getting the data correct the first time, at the point of entry, which saves everyone that touches the data enormous amounts of time,” highlights Bill.

Bill adds, “While analyzing the data in the oil and gas sector, the implementation of an ideal analytics solution lies in visualizing the underlying issues from a data quality perspective.”

The implementation of an ideal analytics solution lies in visualizing the underlying issues from a data quality perspective

To this end, integrated with optimum graphics capabilities, WLR’s pre-built and easy-to-use ‘Spotfire’ solution, the WLR WellVision Spotfire Dashboard, displays visuals of an organization’s data at a data quality angle. WLR’s analytics solutions enable their customers to realize how erroneous their data actually is, a striking reality that most organizations fail to identify, in their traditionally manually produced tabular reports. Furthermore, the Spotfire solution is shipped with over a hundred built-in graphs and reports that can be customized to enhance analytics. In addition, the client can build a limitless amount of their own. “Through products such as Spotfire, we meet 90 percent of the company’s analytics needs out of the box, leaving a small percentage to custom configuration” explains Bill.

Since its 2011 genesis, WLR applies a unique engineering approach in developing their software, generating solutions that are fast and highly effective from day one. This has indeed helped the company hold a prominent spot in the oil and gas industry, staying ahead of the curve. According to Bill, the strength of WLR’s solutions lies in their experience in this domain for over 30 years, while always listening to their clients and meeting their diverse needs. “Our consulting team has backgrounds as employees of small, mid and large sized operators and understands the challenges to be both cost and time efficient.” Forging ahead, with its innovative range of software products, WLR plans to continue to expand its horizons in the oil and gas industry.