The active involvement of geopolitical forces in the global economy has compelled oil companies to streamline their supply chain operations to meet the rising demand. For improving the production capacity of oil refineries, companies are now utilizing digital oil field solutions. In such a situation, WellEz—a Houston based firm is an industry leader providing the first cloud-based well lifecycle reporting application to oil and gas organizations that help them lower their financial risk on operational cost.

The growing implementation of digital oil field software by the oil and gas firms has incurred huge cost for upgrades, additional modules, installation, and purchase of user license. Organizations, often find themselves in a ‘lock in’ situation when the system is unsuitable for their business operations. Therefore, there is a need for an integrated solution that can streamline the well lifecycle operations to improve the efficiency of the firms. And this is where WellEz steps in.

The firm’s online reporting database is a SaaS reporting and support system for the oil and gas industry. It enables field workers to access the accounts and fill reports with simple web forms. The WellEz rig reporting solution enhances the rig performance uptime and productivity of the entire well lifecycle by storing reports in the operation activity database. The user-friendly interface of the solution allows field workers to feed daily drilling reports, which are shared with the partners, executives, stakeholders, and engineers. It also enables field workers to customize the application to monitor any performance indicators throughout the lifecycle. Field professionals can utilize WellEz to trace rig down time and import onsite vendor data like casing tallies and directional surveys directly into the application. “Using WellEz does not require purchasing and maintaining software, clients can utilize the information on their field operation from the reporting system that will increase the efficiency of the operations,” says Charles Jeffery, Founder and CEO of WellEz.

The WellEz application accommodates well-site needs of the field workers that constitute drilling to completion operations. WellEz solutions also enables users to drill data points like casing, deviation, and open hole to avoid the entry of redundant data. Along with the WellEz solution, clients are also provided with a comprehensive program that integrates numerous support mechanisms for the users.

Using WellEz does not require purchasing and maintaining software, clients can utilize the information on their field operation from the reporting system that will increase the efficiency of the operations

This enhanced support system provides clients with a combination of support tools, online chat, and phone support along with a remote login capability that enables the WellEz technicians to view the client’s screen and address queries effectively. “This service is designed to offer continuous enhancement of the client experience, while identifying additional sources of value available to clients through WellEz services,” says Jeffery.

Clients can avail the entire service from their smart phone or tablet to stay connected throughout the lifecycle. The application also enables users to track the summary information and receive current field cost estimate. With the help of WellEz billing model, clients can allocate the cost of the system as an operational cost rather than a capital cost to the project. Without unpredictable cost for customization, maintenance, and support; oil firms can focus more on other resources and projects to increase ROI.

WellEz will continue to focus on its goal to embrace and lead the changing spectrum of the digital oil field domain to enable clients acquire heightened business productivity and value. The firm also plans to integrate more features and streamline their solutions to offer seamless operational experience in the well lifecycle management.