Therese Gjerde, vice president of global sustainability, World Kinect Energy ServicesTherese Gjerde, vice president of global sustainability
Businesses face the great urgency of sustainability and energy transition from fossil-based resources toward more renewable sources. Energy transition is complex and unique to each business, irrespective of their scale, industry, or country. World Kinect Energy Services is at the heart of this sustainability mission with solutions that leverage its 35 years of experience and understanding of the global energy market dynamics.

Its solutions include physical supply, energy procurement, price risk management, data management, and sustainability for many international brands and local businesses.

“Sustainability is our fastest-growing business division, and our products and services are crafted to help clients bring down carbon emission rates,” says Therese Gjerde, vice president of global sustainability at World Kinect Energy Services.

World Kinect Energy Services assists customers at each stage of their sustainability journey, developing a carbon reduction plan with carbon footprint reporting, engaging with stakeholders, setting realistic targets, and energy reduction.

Over the last two decades, the cost of producing electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar has reduced dramatically and, recently, reached grid parity levels. The impacts of inflation, high labor costs, increase in component prices, and supply chain challenges accelerate propensity toward brands and businesses with sustainability objectives. Renewable energy sources also have an edge over fossil-fuel sources and play an integral role in energy security.

World Kinect Energy builds product lines and services that help businesses navigate complexities against the backdrop of market volatility and changing regulatory landscape. From renewable energy sourcing, market availability tracking, and keeping tabs on the customers’ commercial or operational requirements to implementing carbon offsetting as per the carbon sourcing team’s insights, World Kinect Energy helps compensate for residual emissions. It trains customers to understand the industry better and be in complete control of their cost and carbon consumption with its intensive workshops and sessions with key stakeholders.

Recently, a renowned global chemical firm in the U.S. approached World Kinect Energy for a robust sustainability plan to retain its clientele. They had sustainability plans for their U.S. locations and were looking to expand the coverage plan to their global sites. World Kinect Energy connected with them to build a well-balanced sustainability coverage plan that included a mix of resources like wind, solar, biomethane, and hydroelectric power for all locations. The unique blend of technologies and World Kinect Energy’s relationship with the supplier and renewable developers enabled them to offer solutions at a competitive price to customers. An additional differentiator was tier ability to demonstrate the value it brings as a trusted partner.

Sustainability is our fastest-growing business division, and our products and services are crafted to help clients bring down carbon emission rates

“In many ways, it is about being fast, responsive, and providing the client with the right information and demonstrating it to help them make the best decisions,” adds Gjerde.

Impressed by these results, the client further collaborated with World Kinetic Energy for solar projects at some sites to reduce aggregated electricity problems and lower carbon emissions.

At its core, World Kinect Energy is an adaptable and client-focused solutions provider. At best, World Kinect Energy is an agile problem solver that empowers customers by providing outcomes specific to their situation.