Scott Wyssling, Founder and CEO, Wyssling ConsultingScott Wyssling, Founder and CEO
Good customer service is paramount to a business’s growth and sustainability. It is defined by the three parameters–cost, quality, and speed– which companies can combine to offer the desired customer experience.

However, the wider perception and customer service models, like the “Iron Triangle,” says that a business can only combine two parameters simultaneously while offering the services, limiting customers from having the optimal experience.

Wyssling Consulting, a premier Solar Engineering company, takes pride in triumphing over this traditional norm of providing customer service and offers the total customer experience in every interaction. They create a difference by combining the three parameters–superior quality, competitive pricing, and a one-day return time–in every structural review and certification for solar panel installation.
Scott Wyssling, Founder and CEO at Wyssling Consulting, says, “Wyssling Consulting was founded to meet the need for quick and quality structural evaluation and certification. Leveraging a century’s worth of combined engineering expertise, we suffice the requirements consistently in every customer engagement.”

Wyssling Consulting utilizes state-of-the-art software and knowledge from over 2 million successful solar engineering projects across America to help installation firms get quick approvals before planting residential or commercial solar.

Wyssling Consulting has a living and breathing AHJ database storing the engineering requirement of most municipalities. Whenever customers collect and submit the attic information and the preliminary design through email or CRM, Wyssling Consulting utilizes a streamlined and tech-enabled review process to verify the roof’s capability of taking the excess load of the solar panels.
The AHJ database is also used to validate the structures per state-specific jurisdictions and make necessary changes to the customer’s design.

Once the structures meet the engineering requirements, Wyssling Consulting’s licensed professional engineers provide the certification on the same day. If customers do not have the correct structural information—which often delays the structural evaluation process—the firm goes the extra mile to reach out to the customer and help them understand what additional information is needed to move their project forward to design and install the panels.

Wyssling Consulting’s success as a trusted solar engineering firm is reflected in their ever-expanding repository of successful projects—they hold 25 percent of the market share, completing around 168,000 installs a year and expect to increase it to 200,000 in the coming years.

Wyssling Consulting was founded to meet the need for quick and quality structural evaluation and certification. Leveraging a century’s worth of combined engineering expertise, we are proud to suffice the requirements consistently in every customer engagement

“Achieving this feat has become possible by the tireless efforts of our engineers and account managers who work day in and day out,” says Wyssling. To that end, the firm relies on five core values— listening, integrity, gratitude, humility, and time efficiency (LIGHT)— to appropriately shape their services in ways that meet customers’ needs. Their customer service team listens to the requirements in detail, helping the engineers and account mangers offer honest and authentic tailored services without cutting corners.

Wyssling Consulting also strives for constant improvement. The firm is grateful for every customer engagement that has been instrumental in uplifting their precision while performing structural reviews.

When the solar industry needs the residential and commercial solar evaluations to be as simple and economical as possible, Wyssling Consulting’s low prices, quality work, and quick turnaround time help them take the spotlight among competitors.